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Back to work

17 Apr

So our Holy Week vacation is over and we’re all back to the bump and grind of work.  After having a whole week off, (not everyone gets the whole week off so I guess I should be thankful) I should feel excited and like I can’t wait to get back to work. But guess what? It’s totally the opposite. I felt like my days off passed by too quickly for me to enjoy them and I simply dreaded the thought of going back to work.

My theory is that a week vacation does more damage than good sometimes. You get used to sleeping in and simply not doing anything  important during the day. You shower at the time of the day you find most convenient, you pig out all day and watch TV or surf the internet. That is in the case you stay home with no plans. If you do make plans and go on a trip somewhere fun, then you’re gonna be so tired by the end of the trip, all you’d want to do once you get home is sleep.

Anyways, I cannot find a reasonable explanation for this phenomenon. Two solutions come to my mind, though. One, that we get more vacation time, say a month? Okay, maybe not that long but definitely more than just a long week. Or second, that we get no vacation at all. I think I’d choose the former.