Another Friday night, another week

9 May

Hey there everybody! (Or should I say: Hello 6 people who read my blog) Maybe I should paste the link to this on my FB status. 😉barranquilla

Today is Friday night and I suddenly find myself in a foul mood. It’s too early for PMS so I’m thinking something must have happened during my day to set off my crankiness. Anyways, I have no real purpose for writing this entry. LOL. Why should everything have a purpose or a reason? That’s a bit of a contradiction considering the name of this blog.

I was speaking to a coworker today and I was telling her that I had decided having my students start their own blog as their final project on my advanced writing class. I remembered then that my last post had been last month. I am not even writing on a weekly basis.  What a way to set the example!!!

So here am I, trying to write a decent post. And honestly I don’t think I am doing so well.

I solemnly promise that I will write at least once a week from now on. Instead of overthinking things and complaining about the everyday problems to my poor friends and family, I will vent here.  Maybe advertising on FB is not such a good idea. 🙂

So this is all the writing I am going to do tonight, even though I feel so inspired right now I think I could write a book. But the thing is I have to prepare my classes for tomorrow. I always do it in the morning, but I have to run some errands on Saturday morning.

So I hope you have a nice weekend. And to quote a guy I knew, have a nice evening ya’ll.


One Response to “Another Friday night, another week”

  1. Brendita June 13, 2009 at 11:17 pm #

    majo!!!!!! ya somos siete….me hago entender????? yo tambien leo tu blog!!! se le quiere mucho!!!!!

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