Del Trabajo y Otros Demonios…

3 Jul

When I started writing this blog, one of my purposes was to improve my writing in English. But now I’m seriously considering to use it exclusively as a place to vent. I want to make clear that I wrote the title of this post in Spanish because frankly that sentence does not translate well into English. I mean, I could translate it but it just doesn’t feel quite the same. To those of you who do not speak Spanish,  get a dictionary or send me an email. 😉

I have been putting off writing here because I have been in the crappiest (to say the least) of moods lately. I’ve gone from furiously mad to utterly depressed. I blame my hormones for this. Thankfully, I’ve started to feel better.

Now work has been unbelievably busy this week. I’ve had so many things to do, I’ve been forced to bring work home, which is something I had stopped doing since I started working in this office and has been one of my favorite parts of being a teacher trainer. I’ve also learned a couple of interesting facts from people in general. When you’re nice and considerate to people, they start taking you for granted.  And also, when they see you’re a reliable person, it’s very likely that hey take advantage of you. Some people suck. Period. And that’s all I am going to say about that.

As an exercise to keep my mind from having negative thoughts I decided to start painting my room, which was another task I had been putting off for a long time. It was not such a good idea as the little time I’ve had to relax I’ve had to use it to paint the walls.  So today when I got home from work, I was decided to get the job done tonight no matter what. I succeeded. I’m exhausted as hell but my room looks nice. The only problem: I’m too tired to work on my presentation for tomorrow, I got paint in my ear (I have no idea how it got there) and I can’t stop scratching it,  and my poor thumb hurts now more than ever.

Anyways, I really need to go to bed now so I can wake up early tomorrow. Wish me luck on my presentation at the monthly teacher’s meeting tomorrow. I hope I don’t screw it up. And if I do, I’m going out for drinks with a coworker after the meeting anyway, so I’ll be too drunk to really care.


2 Responses to “Del Trabajo y Otros Demonios…”

  1. David S July 7, 2009 at 3:31 pm #

    Ay, Mangocita…te cuento que TODO lo que huela a expresion libre esta bloqueado en China. WordPress, Blogspot, YouTube y ahora me bloquearon Twitter y Facebook. Estamos jodidos…!!! 😦

  2. mangocita July 7, 2009 at 3:48 pm #

    Oh Dave.

    I’m so sorry hun.
    Todos los asiàticos me caen mal definitivamente.

    PS: If WordPress is blocked, how can you read my blog?

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