Funny (and not so funny) things that I’ve seen today.

28 Jul

–          One old lady at the bank cut into the line I was and she totally stole my turn. What pissed me off is she didn’t ask me to give her my turn. If she had, I would have gladly given it to her and I wouldn’t have cursed her (in my head of course) as much as I did.

–          I’ve seen five women so far at the mall having ice cream for lunch. And no, they’re NOT just having ice cream for dessert after a regular lunch. I saw them arrive, place their order at POPSY , get huge sundaes, ice cream-filled crepes or brownie with ice cream and sit down to eat it as if they were having soup. Hello? It’s 12:30 PM, time for rice, chicken and salad or beef and baked potato.  What pissed me off the most: they all had great bodies.

–          At the same shopping mall, one girl sat down in the table next to mine and she made the same face Edward Cullen made when he first sat down next to Bella. Do I smell that bad? Five minutes later she moved to another table further away from mine. I swear I did take a shower and put on perfume. I want to believe she just thought my scent was overwhelming in a positive way.

–          When I was getting to work today, I saw a beggar on the street asking for money. I stopped and reached in my purse to get some change to give it to him. I found nothing but a 200-peso coin. I generously gave it to him and when he saw it was so little money, he called me a bitch. Nice. Mental Note: Do not stop to give money to a beggar unless you’re sure you have enough change to give to them otherwise he will call you really ugly names.



2 Responses to “Funny (and not so funny) things that I’ve seen today.”

  1. Gabriel July 28, 2009 at 12:11 am #

    Hey…that’s funny….I loved the way you ended the Ice Cream one. haha bitches.

  2. Johann July 29, 2009 at 7:09 pm #

    You should have your own show.. “The Majo Show” haha btw, I like your blog so much I want to start maybe one of my own.

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