Weekend Update and Other Things

19 Aug

So we’re back to work. Another week is dragging. Luckily, it is a short one this time. Is it me or did that last sentence sound as a complaint?  It would be cynical of me to complain about my work calendar, don’t you think?  We have so many holidays and days off  in this country-even more in Barranquilla- that we have no right to complain about our jobs or our work schedules.  But we do anyway. A foreigner I know pointed out once that to make up for our excessive holidays, almost everyone is required to work on Saturday and I think  I agree with him. So that makes things even.  

My weekend was slow. Mostly because I’m broke from the trip to Cartagena so I have to take it slow until my next paycheck comes. I went to an open house though,  on Saturday night. It was at my friend Michelle’s new apartment.  I got drunk on sangria and danced vallenatos, which is very weird since I hate vallenatos. But everyone was in the mood, so I thought, what the hell! Sunday was a family day. I visited some relatives and I played with my little cousins. I took them to a small playground  in their building and I was  shocked by the rudeness of some children. They just have no manners and no respect for adults, not even their own parents But of course it’s not their fault.  I blame the parents, you know. Everyone today seems to be breeding little self-centered monsters. it’s so scary. I fear for the future of humanity. I know I sound like a bitter old witch, but it’s true. If people don’t start teaching some values to their kids, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m going to stop bitching now and go back to work. I still have a lot to do.


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