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Snowed In…Or Almost.

30 Jan

Hello there. I am writing this post sitting on my comfortable bed, in my pj’s-which I’ve worn all day- and enjoying a glass of cold orange juice and some cherries. In case you’re wondering why I’ve spent the whole day lazing around at home, let me explain why. I was snowed in. Or Almost.

See, here when the weather people predict rain, it rains. If they predict sunny skies, the sun does shine. But I think this time they didn’t get it right. They warned us about a major snow storm that was going to leave every one trapped at home. People were even advised to stock up on groceries just in case. And being the diligent girl I am, I went to Wal-Mart and bought enough food for a week. The store was crowded like hell. The shelves were half-empty like they had announced the end of the world instead of a few inches of snow.

Anyways, seeing all those people buying enough food for a decade kind of made me freak out a little about the weather. So I canceled my plans for tonight which required me to drive an hour to a nearby city called Wilmington. I didn’t want to drive in snow-packed roads.

So this morning I woke up to find only a few millimeters of snow. Anyways, it was a good thing I didn’t go out because there has been a constant falling of freezing rain since this morning which is even more dangerous than snow because it’s like you’re driving over a fine layer of ice.  I don’t want to skid out of control and end up in a ditch. God, I’m so dramatic sometimes.

So my day has been like this:

  1. Eat
  2. Read
  3. Watch a movie
  4. Talk on the phone
  5. Repeat 1,2, 3 and 4.

But somehow in between that routine, I showered. I swear I did!

I just ate some delicious dinner and now I’m off to do some more reading and movie watching. But before I go I will show you some delightful pictures I took this morning.

Behold the snow storm!

Our cars

The view from my bedroom window


10 Random Things

22 Jan

Lately my life has been all possible kinds of busy and complicated, and I feel like I could write a whole book with all the things I have to say, but some of them are impossible to tell without you thinking I am totally nuts and others are too private to post on a public blog. So…because I don’t want to let my blog die (and because I love writing lists!), I will tell you ten random things that I have on my mind right now and/or that have happened to me in the last few days. Enjoy!

1-      I went to Spartanburg, South Carolina last weekend to visit my Colombian friends there and I had a great time. I ate a very yummy Bandeja paisa and went to a club owned by a Colombian guy. It was an awesome trip. I went bowling for the first time while I was there and even though I sucked at it, I have to say, BOWLING ROCKS!

2-      I overheard a student saying to another student I was hot. Yay me!

3-      There are some relatives back home who I haven’t called since I’ve been here. It makes me feel terrible about myself. But then when my mom gives me grief about it, I get angry and tell her that I am just like my dad in the fact that I hate calling people. Btw, I haven’t called my dad either. I suck.

4-      I have gotten so bad at reading. I started reading Angels and Demons back in PA and simply lost interest. Now I am reading Eat, Pray, Love and this one is more appealing. I still do read, but mostly other people’s blogs or the news. What’s wrong with me?! I never read the news in Colombia. This country is really changing me.

5-      I still don’t understand why my friends ask me for love advice. Seriously, don’t you see I am as lost in the subject as you all are?!

6-      I have been going to the gym 4 times a week since the New Year started. Also, I am not buying any junk food when I go to the grocery store so I am eating lots of veggies and fruit during the week and I am not drinking any soda. But then I go out on the weekend and ruin all the work.

7-      My knees hurt after I work out. My nose bleeds sometimes. The soles of my feet burn if I jump for more than 10 seconds. My tooth hurts when I drink stuff that’s either too hot or too cold. You make your own conclusions.

8-      I was having the worst dreams last week! I mean awful, upsetting, super scary dreams! Just to give you an idea, the other night I dreamed I was the hair-covered ghost from that movie The Grudge and I was crawling down the stairs and I scared a poor, innocent woman who was watching T.V. at 2:00 AM in her apartment.

9-      I decided to take a sleep-aid for a few weeks until the nightmares stopped so I could rest at night. And it’s working so well, I am actually late for work almost every day now.

10-  I am seriously considering going to Colombia this summer. I miss everything so much. But then I am considering starting college in the summer too. And I can’t afford both. Oh, what to do?

A New Wish

5 Jan

So 2010 is here. A lot of expectations come with it. Partly, because 2009 sucked for a lot of people. I can’t say that about it. It didn’t totally suck. It gave me experiences that I am very grateful for and in some aspects of my life, it brought infinite joy that I could never imagine to feel. It also brought me a lot of grief and I can say that it was an emotional rollercoaster so I am glad it’s over. But according to Yahoo’s Horoscope Prediction for 2010, this year will be awesome for me. Let us analyze those auguries for this New Year.

Career-wise, I will discover a new path that will make me feel more satisfied with my job. That is true, because I am so not satisfied with it right now. I have always known that linguistics is my passion and teaching is something that I really enjoy too. Why not mix them, right? High school students can be hilarious at times, but most of the times it is a stressing and not too rewarding job. Back when I was working with adults or university students, I had the best time. It felt great to work with these people who were thirsty for knowledge and you were there to provide them with it. A totally different scenario from high school kids who don’t give a tiny rat’s ass about learning. You have to reward them and motivate them all the freaking time so it becomes exhausting.

Now, my love horoscope was incredibly positive and dare I say, a little unrealistic. It said I would begin this year getting a lot of attention from men and that I would have so many men pursuing me, I would have trouble choosing one. HA!  They explained that some lousy planet had been in my House of Love for a long time, but now it had finally left which meant total romantic bliss from now on. HA HA! My horoscope also foresees that by the end of 2010, my romantic life would reach its peak, meaning I would get either get married or move in with someone.  HA HA HA! I don’t mean to sound pessimistic. But I find all that hard to believe. At least, for now.

On a different note, the end of this year had its ups and downs. I got to go to NYC in the end. Yay me! New York City was awesome in some aspects. I loved Central Park and the architecture of Manhattan was sublime. The lights, noise and crowds I could have done without. I was there only for a day so I have to give NYC one more try. Maybe in the summer when it’s not that chilly so my cheeks won’t freeze or my lips won’t suffer much from the cold wind. I have been trying to upload the evidence of the trip on Facebook but I’ve had a lot on my plate, as usual. Maybe I will post a blog entry of incoherent photographs entirely. We’ll see.

New Year’s Eve had a lot of drama for me. But it was fun. I went to a party and got hit on by two different guys. One was too old for me and the other one was too married. But I had a good laugh seeing them try to get my attention. Obviously, their flirting attempts were in vain as I blew them both off.  The good thing is I learned how irresistible I am. I’m obviously kidding but that makes sense if I believe the aforementioned love prediction for the last year of this decade. Or is it the first one?

This year I didn’t write a list of wishes like I did last year. I do have few resolutions though, which I plan to rigorously stick to for as long as I have resolve. In 2009, 8 of the 10 wishes I made came true. Of the two that didn’t, one I am not really upset about because I can still do it (lose a few pounds :)) As for the other one, I recently realized that it will definitely not come true and that hurts so badly to accept. So badly. I guess the time has finally come to make a new wish.