How It All Started

26 Apr

Here is my attempt at explaining how and when I got hooked on Bon Jovi. It all started back in 1995 when I was only 11 years old. I spent most of my free time reading a Spanish-English dictionary (what a nerd, I know), watching HBO, listening to music on my Walkman (ha!) and trying to get my hands on any type of English grammar book. The reason I was doing all those unusual activities – for an 11 year-old at least- was that I was obsessed with learning English. Don’t ask me why. I really don’t know the reason. The only thing I knew was that the words in that language sounded so cool and I wanted to learn them all.

One day I was watching T.V. and I saw the video for “This Ain’t A Love Song” and I fell in love with Jon Bon Jovi’s voice (and his looks too!) right away. I begged and begged my mom to buy me their “These Days” album. I asked her to buy me the “These Days” cassette, to be precise. When she finally gave in, I could NOT get enough of Bon Jovi. I would fall asleep listening to that tape until one time when it got stuck on the player because it was so used-up. I translated, word by word, each one of their songs using nothing but my intuition and my beat-up Oxford Dictionary.

That all happened some time before June in 1995 which was the year and month when the band went to Colombia for their first and only concert there. I asked my mom to let me get on a bus to go to Bogota for their concert. Let me remind you I was 11 years old then. What can I say? I’m a big dreamer I guess. My mom laughed at me when I asked her. And since I didn’t understand irony too well back then (I still don’t actually) I kept asking her until she very seriously said no. 😦

Back then, they were really popular in Colombia, you know because of the concert and all. So I managed to somehow find a way to get all of their past records and then I became a zealous fan because the more of their music I discovered, the more I loved them. As I grew older and became a teenager, my Bon Jovi obsession remained the same. I kept all their albums in a shoe box which was decorated with pictures of the band members cut out from magazines. I even had a Bon Jovi notebook in which I wrote all their songs and pasted more pictures of them. I knew the title of every single song they’d released and I could tell you exactly the story of how the band was formed. When we had slumber parties, my friends would ask me to tell them that story to get them to fall asleep. One time I really got carried away and did a Bon Jovi collage which I pasted on my 8th grade school binder. Needless to say, I was the object of mockery and derision because of this, but I didn’t care. I had a bunch of their posters in my room, mostly posters of Jon with whom I was deeply in love. But not really in love, you know, but the kind of “in love’ that you are when you’re a teen and can’t even imagine what the word love means. But still, to me he was the boy of my dreams. Most people would assume it was his blue eyes, blond hair, hairy chest or muscular arms what made me like him so much. But no, it was actually his voice and words. He was a poet to me and I’m a sucker for a guy who can write. I never really got crazy enough to join a fan club, mostly because the majority of the fan club members take things too seriously and talk about the artists as if they personally know them and that’s definitely too much for me. So eventually, I had my first boyfriend and realized what I felt for JBJ was just a high school girl crush. So I stopped obsessing about the guy but continued to love the band and their music. So one day when I was in college, I decided I had had enough of the Bon Jovi obsession and that it was time for me to grow up and be more mature so I decided to throw away all their stuff. Not their albums, of course! I still keep those back home. The rationale behind my doing that is that I was too old to be emotionally attached to a notebook with a bunch of pictures and magazine articles. I kind of wish now I hadn’t thrown that stuff away so I now I could look at it all and laugh at how ridiculous I was back then. Ha!

Today, I am still a huge fan and I still love their music very much. And I’m not ashamed at all to admit now how much I love Bon Jovi!

Is it clear now why their concert was so important to me? So important, that I ditched a date night, a party with coworkers and a beach day with my friends.


2 Responses to “How It All Started”

  1. Gabriel April 26, 2010 at 4:35 pm #

    I’d have ditched a date for the sexy JBJ too. 😉


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