Old Town, New Realizations

31 Aug

So I while I was back in my beautiful, dirty, chaotic Barranquilla, which I love very,very much, I went through many different moods, went out to eat about million times, hung out with old friends, made new ones, discovered family secrets among other things and as usual in my life, I found myself in various and very, uh, “colorful” situations.  And by colorful I mean odd and frustrating.  So here is a summary of some of my adventures in my hometown also known as Quillatown, Quiyork, Quilla city or whatever other ridiculous name some people insist on calling it. Whatever!

First of all, it felt so weird to realize I was on vacation in my own city. I guess that’s when it really hit me that I have established permanent residence in a foreign country. That was the moment when I thought, “Toto, We’re not in Kansas anymore!”  Naturally, I started making comparisons as soon as I got off the airplane and made the mistake of sharing my thoughts out loud to those around me. A few days later, they told me to shut up.

As we got to our house, I found a lot of people there waiting for me, which I was not expecting at all. At that point I was so tired that all I really wanted to do was sleep. So I found myself annoyed and angry. And I had only been in Barranquilla for a few hours. After a good night of sleep though, I felt so much better.

Oh, how I enjoyed my sleep in Barranquilla. You have no idea how deep I slept while I was there.  I hadn’t slept that well in so, so long.  I guess that’s one of the things that I miss the most about being in Colombia because as soon as I got back to the US, I started having insomnia again.

It was a miracle that I didn’t gain weight while I was in Barranquilla because I seriously ate like there was no tomorrow. Surprisingly, I actually lost a few pounds. I am not going to make a list of all the delicious things I ate. I am just going to show you this, this and this. And this. I didn’t take pictures of everything I ate because sometimes the outings were impromptu dinner/lunch dates and I was not always carrying my camera with me.

One day, I took my mom out for ice cream and we started talking about my grandmother and her mother. I told her that while I was in Miami visiting relatives I’d heard some rumors about a family secret which supposedly no one knew about. After my exhaustive interrogation, my mom had no choice but to tell me the whole story. And wow! What a story it was! And as I said before, it is a very serious business and no one can know anything about it. Besides I decided that I am going to write a book about the story of my family, which by the way is so much bigger than I thought. So I obviously cannot reveal said family secret. I guess ya’ll will just have to wait till my book gets published and I’m rich and famous. Ha!

Another thing I discovered is that I can be so naïve and trusting at times, it is just pitiful. And most importantly and in case I had ever any doubt about it, I was reassured that some men are just selfish jerks that play with women’s feelings. Some men are nothing but stupid cowards that use lame excuses to cover their weakness. But I guess this is nothing new. It is just that we trust so blindly sometimes, we ignore that inner voice that tells us to be careful.  So women, beware.

Okay, I feel better now that I got that off my chest. I didn’t mean to sound like a raging feminist because I’m not one. Some women can be pretty nasty bitches too. That was another one of the things I discovered too.

And finally and because I can’t live without lists, here is a quick one of my observations and/or comparisons during my stay in my old town.

  • People in Barranquilla drive like animals! I sincerely congratulate drivers in the US for being so respectful of traffic rules!
  • Chicken in the US is just gross. It is so bland and when you boil it, this weird foam forms on the surface, it makes me wonder if I should be eating it after all. Pork tastes better here and beef is alright. But chicken is utterly disgusting.
  • Shopping Malls might be bigger in the US but they are not as pretty as our Buenavista 2
  • This is totally vain, but my hair is so much softer in Colombia. I guess there’s something in the water here in NC that makes my hair look dull and frizzy.
  • I had a rash on my arms while I was in the US. It disappeared in Quilla. And two days after arriving in Miami, I broke out again. I have no idea what causes it.
  • My stomach doesn’t make funny noises when I am Colombia.
  • I am much more clumsy in american territory. I am covered in bruises after being here for less than a month.
  • There is much more variety of fruit and vegetables in the United States. Also, the way they display veggies at the supermarkets here makes them more appealing. In Colombia, they still had dirt all over them. Boo!
  • Although I love the city because I have things like the movies away at a walking distance, I also like the fact that I live surrounded by so many trees and green areas. So I miss the city but I’m also slowly learning to love the country.

2 Responses to “Old Town, New Realizations”

  1. johannsalas September 6, 2010 at 12:08 pm #

    Girl your post was so nice I’m even twittering it, by the way there’s a twitter plug you activate in wordpress so I can share it with a click.

    I’m going to start with your new design, I don’t know when u changed it, as u can see I was not only absent from my own blog but also from my friend’s ones, so your new template is pretty cool, and pretty you.

    So, I can tell you by my own experience the things we share in common among other things, first the comparison situation, I knew I wasn’t supposed to do it, so I shut my pile up, and just made few comments with closer people, but you have to love this city for what it is.
    Our food is more delicious and there’s nothing else we can do, a steamy and yummy hamburger will never defeat grandma’s lunch.

    It’s weird but I was also updated about family secrets as soon as I arrived, it’s like when I was here, nothing interesting happened but as soon as I went away…

    And to conclude I think the humidity plays an important role, here in bquilla I don’t suffer for dandruff as much as I did on MIA, maybe that’s what happening to you.

  2. mangocita September 6, 2010 at 3:04 pm #

    I’m glad you liked my blog’s new look.

    And you’re right, we Barranquilleros must love our city for what it is.

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