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Welcome Party

7 Sep

I had a great time on my Labor Day weekend. For one, I got to call people in Colombia and brag about the fact that I had Monday off and they didn’t. And also, we had a little welcome party for a friend who just moved to the US last week. We, Colombians, are taking over the Carolinas!

So here’s a photo-tour of my weekend…

Here is my friend Duvan who just moved to Fayetteville. And Dilly who moved to Sumter, SC last month.

I’m so vain I didn’t want to delete this photo because for the first time ever I don’t hate my profile! Duvan, I’m stealing your camera!

Here are some more awesome pictures…

Dancing with my BFF, like old times when we’d go out to eat Mexican pizza and get drunk on fruity cocktails.

And here’s my new BFF and I. At some point, we danced together because those silly boys wouldn’t ask us. But seriously, who needs boys with such a great dance partner?

And here’s the whole gang

Something really amusing happened during this party. I met someone who’s originally from a country in Europe and instead of having a normal conversation with said person about, I don’t know, the weather, I started telling him about how his hometown was on the very bottom of my “List Of Cities in Europe I’m Dying to Visit.” I seriously must have said how uninteresting his city was at least 5 times. The guy just smiled and said he appreciated my honesty. I think I don’t need to say I was totally drunk. The funny part is I knew I was talking nonsense but I could not make myself shut up. Who knows how many other incredibly stupid things I must have said!  Oddly, I only remembered this until this morning when I was falling asleep in Math Class and I was trying to think of something funny to keep me awake.

And finally here’s my favorite picture of me ever…

And for me to say I love a picture of me is a very, very rare thing.