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Dear Universe,

24 Sep

(Or whoever is in charge of the stuff that happens in the world)

Can you please tell whoever or whatever creature, supernatural force or whatever the hell that is opening my drawers at work to stop?

I really hate closing them and then finding all four of them completely open again after I leave my seat for a minute. It is really annoying when I put a document on my file cabinet and then five minutes later, it turns up on my desk again. It’s not funny and you’re freaking me the hell out. Also, you’re making me look like a crazy person in front of my students when I ask them “Did any of you guys open this drawer? Tell me the truth!”

It is very inconvenient when my pens, important documents, and students’ quizzes mysteriously disappear from my desk right after I put them there.

Seriously, it is not funny. I’m getting tired of it. As I am also getting tired of hearing footsteps on the deck when I’m doing dishes. Or hearing weird noises when I go to bed at night.

If this is some kind of karma for something I’ve done, please send me a sign so I can make it right. I don’t want to lose my mind.

Thanks for your attention,