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Wild In The Streets Of Fayetteville

19 Oct

This past Friday after school, I drove to a nearby city to celebrate one of my friends’ birthday.  We decided to just hang out and go bowling that night because we wanted to save our energies for Saturday night. We were really excited as we were going to a Latin club which usually makes us feel like we’re back home. We all dressed up and look, I even did my hair:

We all looked really good, I think.

On a side note, while we were at the club, I noticed most people in the club were Puerto Ricans. And sometimes Puerto Ricans are hard to tell apart from Americans. Or maybe that just happens to me. I saw this really hot guy and thought he looked Hispanic and then later I saw him dancing with my friend and thought, “Definitely gringo”.

Anyway, this guy asks me to dance with him and I don’t say yes right away. I look at one of my male friends for approval since I know how territorial and protective some men can be in these situations even if they are not involved with the woman. My friend nods in approval and I let the guy lead me to the dance floor. At first, we’re dancing ballroom style, like you know, holding your hands in the air. I know the whole hugging your partner by the waist or neck thing only takes place in my city so I’m careful with this ‘cause I don’t want any dude to get fresh with me and get away with it. But this guy slowly starts to pull me closer to him and I’m like, hello? Some distance please. I pull away but I don’t stop dancing because I don’t want to make a scene. But then he starts stroking my arm with his hands and before I can stop him his hands are an inch away from my ass. That’s when I simply walked away and told him to go to hell. I said the words in a low voice and the music was too loud so he must not have heard me because he said, “where you going? Why you stop dancing?”

So I sat down and didn’t mention the incident to the boys. Again, I didn’t want to ruin the night. But I did tell the girls so they wouldn’t dance with the creep. But one of them already had and he had tried the same on her. A few hours later, my buddy and I were dancing and we saw the same creepy guy dancing with a really pretty, tall girl who was wearing an impossibly short dress. Only this time, he was rubbing his, uh, manhood all over her butt. At first, I thought the girl was enjoying it and that was why she wasn’t protesting. But we, as typical Barranquilleros, kept staring at them in disbelief. Suddenly, the little pervert pulled up her dress exposing her underwear and that’s when she had enough and her girlfriends came to rescue her. So this really big woman came over and told him to stop. To add insult to injury, the guy’s reaction was to pull the girl’s friend by the waist and do his dirty dancing trick on her as well. That’s when the bouncers came and kicked him out. Then the tall girl came over and apologized profusely to me, but I couldn’t help wondering why. She was the one being attacked by the creep, not me. I graciously told her she had nothing to apologize for. She gave me a huge smile and walked back to her table which was in front of ours, by the way. I assumed that was the end of  the incident. However, I did notice one of my friends was approached by the tall girl’s friend.  I paid no mind to the thing anymore and kept enjoying the night. I decided to use the ladies room to  freshen up and as I was standing there, the same pretty girl in the really short dress comes up to me, apologizes again, all while smiling at me and holding my hand. Weird. But even weirder, when her friend joins us and tells me “Men are jerks. Who needs them anyway?” We can have so much fun without them, right?” At this point, my gay radar starts beeping and I simply smile nervously and leave.

But that’s not the end of it, while I was dancing one more time with the birthday boy, the tall girl walks by me and squeezes my waist. I tell this to my friend and he confirms that the two ladies are lesbians and a couple. He teased me saying they probably wanted me to join them in a threesome to which I say, YUCK!

And that was my wild weekend, groped by a perv and hit on by a couple of lesbians. And as someone told me on Twitter, I guess I’m just that hot. Not!


Chimney Rock And My Weekend

7 Oct

Unfortunately, I’m not at work today because I’m sick with the stupid flu. And since this damn cough and sore throat won’t go away, there’s nothing left for me to do but read, watch TV, take  a few Nyquil-induced naps and spend time in front of the computer.

So what better way to spend my sick day than posting pics of my weekend? Here is a picture tour of my trip to South Carolina last weekend in which we celebrated the birth of my godson Justin by staying up until the sun came out, going to Chimney Rock where they have filmed several famous movies and going to the Annual International Festival in Spartanburg, SC.

I don’t have a picture of what we looked like at the beginning of our gathering since we were all too excited talking and having fun. I do have a picture of what was going on around 4 AM, but I won’t post it since the image contains lots of beer bottles and four of my friends striking a rather, uh, inebriate pose. I will show you this one though in which we toasted to the birth of my godson:


The next morning we went to this Colombian restaurant and we all had this awesome lunch:


After lunch we went to Chimney Rock where,  according to my friend Jorge, they filmed the movie “The Last Of The Mohicans.” He actually mentioned this interesting fact several times.

Lousy picture but whatever; I was too scared my hand was shaking while I took this picture.

I wish we had gone later this month so we could have seen more Fall foliage, but being so close, it would have been a shame not to go.

Devil’s Head. This is was not the highest point of the Rock!

One of my friends pointed out that this was a fake smile. And indeed, it was because I was terrified!

I still don’t know how I let them talk me into climbing that flimsy-looking thing.

Another fake smile.

But once we got to the top the view was awesome!


And finally a real smile! I made it to the top! Alive! Although barely breathing. I’m not fit at all. At least I burned some of those calories from the Colombian food.

And then we went to the International Festival in Spartanburg where I ate this:

I don’t remember what the sausage thingy was called but it was Vietnamese and so yum!

Finally and because  I’m bored with uploading pictures, I will end this photographic tour with an image of a remarkable acquaintance I made over the weekend: