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Letter To The Year 2010

5 Jan

Dear 2010,

You are gone now and for good and I’m really glad you’re over. There are parts of you I wish I could just delete. You came and left so quickly I can’t help wondering, what the hell did I do with the 26th year of my life?

To say I learned a few lessons during your time is an understatement. It’s a shame some lessons, I had to learn the hard way. You brought a series of events to my life that have changed me forever. I have yet to decide if it’s for good or bad. You made me more tough-skinned. I am still fragile in some ways but I am certainly not crying my eyes out anymore. I learned that I can’t trust everyone as blindly as I did before.  I learned that actions speak louder than words and that sometimes words are just words and there’s nothing more to them than just letters forming sentences.

I became more independent and my sense of direction in life seems clearer now even though I know there’s still a lot that I haven’t figured out yet.

There’s also a lot of things I regret doing. And other things, I wish I would have done differently. If only, I weren’t so impulsive and passionate sometimes.

You also showed me how infinitely indecisive I am. I know I really need to work on that, however, I am so glad I followed my gut in certain situations.

Thank you for the all the good times and the bad ones as well.

I’ll end this letter now because I am making my blog sound like a soap opera out of Telemundo or Univision.

Lots of love and not one bit of hate,


PS: You also brought me a lot of extra pounds that I hope my good friend 2011 will help me get rid of.