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27 Feb

That is one adjective that has been used to describe me so many times.  Almost anyone who knows me has referred to me as absent-minded. And the truth is, I am always doing stuff without thinking. The line “I’m sorry, it’s just that I am so absent-minded”  has always been my excuse for when I do stupid things. This time that line might not cut it.

That lame apology has always been my excuse for when I do things like going to work wearing slippers instead of proper shoes, or putting the remote in the fridge.  Those are the laughable things. But I’ve made other careless mistakes that are much more serious like, leaving the stove on when I leave the house in the morning or leaving a burning candle while I go out to the grocery store. And there was even one time when I ran a red light because I was on the phone and the person I was talking to was giving me directions and then out of the blue I just started driving, completely mindless of the cars that were about to cross in front of me and the potentially awful accident I could have caused. It took longer than a few seconds, several angry stares and much more horn honking and cursing directed towards me, for my mind to fully register what could have happened. And when I did finally see it, what did I do?  I pulled over in a Burger King parking lot and started bawling like a baby. And another time,  as I was driving to the mall, I drove by a frozen lake. It all looked so pretty, I just kept looking at it and almost hit the railing of a bridge and drove directly into the aforementioned frozen lake. Obviously, that time also I was talking to someone on the phone. You see, I have a problem. I never really learn from my mistakes. If I do learn, it is after I’ve made the same mistake at least ten times. What else can I say to excuse this flaw of mine, but “I’m sorry, I got distracted” or the overly used, “I’m just absent-minded”?  I am just plain dumb is more like it.

Yesterday, once again, I made one of those mistakes. I am just so angry at myself. So disappointed in myself.  This time, my distraction might cost me a lot more than I care to admit. This time, as usual, it happened because I got distracted. Because I was talking on the phone. Because I don’t know what I was thinking. Because honestly, I probably wasn’t thinking.

So I ask, Life? Why are you such a bitch to me? Why do you throw three crappy things at me for every half good thing you give me? Is this a bad luck streak? Is it going to be over soon? At least, before I’m thirty? Should I write a list like the guy from My Name is Earl? Gee, all I wanted was one happy, carefree birthday to make it even for the last three ones that have been miserable? Is that too much to ask? Really?


The Hottest Man Alive!

24 Feb

Okay, this might sound really lame, but I am reliving my huge crush on Bon Jovi from when I was a teenager. But how can you not have a crush on a guy with this smile?

Bad quality picture, perfect subject matter.

Let’s just behold his perfection for a minute:

This picture is my current desktop wallpaper! Just kidding! (Not really)

I was so damn close to him!

How I Ended Up Having An Awesome Monday Night

23 Feb

Up until Friday morning, I had already resigned myself (not totally) to the fact that I wouldn’t be attending the Bon Jovi concert in Raleigh. I made the decision not to go based solely on my lack of financial resources. In lay man’s terms, I simply could not afford it. I mean, technically I could, but there were  so many other things on my list of Things I Need To Spend Money On that I decided going to a concert seemed a tad frivolous.  So, with great sadness I made myself not purchase the tickets. However, I didn’t give up the idea of going. I signed up for a million sweepstakes, contests and giveaways. But Friday, February 18th came and there was no e-mail in my inbox saying I had won anything.

Some time after lunch on Friday, I was talking to my roommate about how bummed I was about missing the concert. And then she gave me a great idea! She suggested buying the ticket for me so that I could pay her later. YAY! So, as I was trying to find decent tickets on, she said, “Wait, what if I go with you?” Double YAY!  I was totally sure I was not going to attend at all and 5 minutes later, I had tickets and a buddy to go with! Yeah!

I was convinced I wouldn’t get tickets within a good location in the arena since the concert was going to be taking place so soon. But guess what? I found really, really cheap tickets in the lower level of the arena. The only catch was that it was on the back of the stage. But in the end it turned out great, because I was so close to the stage, I COULD SEE JON BON JOVI WITHIN A FEW FEET AWAY FROM ME! Let me take a deep breath…

Anyways, so Monday night came and off we drove to Raleigh. The lines were really long, unlike the concert in Charlotte last year, which made us a little late. As we entered the joint, Billy Falcon, who was opening the show, had already started performing. And then at around 8:45 PM, the lights went off and the best band in the whole wide world came on stage singing Blood on Blood! It was awesome! I jumped up and down, screamed, sang, danced and said woohoo and woo a million times. I got home at around 2:00 AM and I had to be up at work at 7:30 AM the next day. I was so sore and sleepy the next day, but it was so totally worth it!

I know this is to please no one else but me, but soon I will upload some pics from the show here along with the videos in which you can hear me wooing and singing.

Livin’ on a Prayer,



Good Thing/Bad Thing: An Update On My Life

16 Feb

Good Thing: I applied to College! I finally sent my application packet, including two awesome – if I say so myself- essays, a bunch of copies of personal documents, the usual application form and a check.

Bad Thing: Well, I had to write them a check, which seems like something I’ve been doing a lot lately.

Good Thing: I made 114 on the TOEFL test! Out of 120! I rock! I made a 28 on Speaking, Listening and Writing and I scored a perfect 30 on Reading. I knew all those books I read in high school during recess while my classmates simply hung out would pay off someday!

Bad Thing: Uh, I paid almost 200 dollars for that test. Not to mention, I had to get up at 4:30 AM the day of the test and then drive in the rain for an hour while it was still dark outside! And then when I was taking the test, the room was too freaking cold and I had to endure the world’s most awful cramps while I read about how they conducted business in Western Indonesia back in pre-colonial times. And yet, I managed to get right every single question on that reading test!  I am awesome!*

Good Thing: Bon Jovi is playing in North Carolina again! This month! In Raleigh! I had so much fun the last (and only) time I was in one of their concerts that I’m dying to go again!

Bad Thing: Unfortunately and due to the large amount of checks I’ve had to write this month, I can’t afford to attend the concert. Unless, a fairy godmother magically places tickets under my pillow! Or an anonymous good Samaritan sends me a couple of tickets in the mail! Or I win the Judge Judy/News-channel 12 Bon Jovi Concert Sweepstakes! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Good Thing: I finally found a lawyer in Savannah and hopefully, my driver’s license would not be revoked.

Bad Thing: I probably should have written the Bad Thing first. Well, here’s the thing…

Back on January 2nd, I got a Stand-Up-For-Myself-And-Do-Whatever-The-Hell-I-Want attack and so, I decided to drive (at 12:30 AM) from Miami, FL back to North Carolina with a girl who was sleepy and a guy who was not feeling well in a car that was not mine. I knew that meant that I had to do a good chunk of the driving, but I didn’t care. By the time we were out of  Florida,  which took forever by the way, my friends were passed out in the backseat and I just couldn’t wait to go home. First of all, it was a Sunday and I had just arrived from Colombia and had to be at work first thing the next day. So I did what people normally do in this situation, I stepped on that accelerator like there was no tomorrow. And a cop pulled me over and gave me a speeding ticket. In NC, if you’re going 15 miles over the speed limit (like I was) your license is suspended for a year.  And that is the reason why I had to hire a lawyer to represent me in court so the speed limit is reduced and I can keep my driver’s license. But man, it took me so long to find a lawyer that worked in the county where I got the ticket and without charging me a thousand dollars to represent me. And only until last Friday, I was able to find one.

Ultimately, I’ve had as many Good Things as Bad Things happen to me in these past few weeks. So I guess that makes things even, right Karma?

*I really don’t think I am that awesome in case anyone thought I was serious.