Good Thing/Bad Thing: An Update On My Life

16 Feb

Good Thing: I applied to College! I finally sent my application packet, including two awesome – if I say so myself- essays, a bunch of copies of personal documents, the usual application form and a check.

Bad Thing: Well, I had to write them a check, which seems like something I’ve been doing a lot lately.

Good Thing: I made 114 on the TOEFL test! Out of 120! I rock! I made a 28 on Speaking, Listening and Writing and I scored a perfect 30 on Reading. I knew all those books I read in high school during recess while my classmates simply hung out would pay off someday!

Bad Thing: Uh, I paid almost 200 dollars for that test. Not to mention, I had to get up at 4:30 AM the day of the test and then drive in the rain for an hour while it was still dark outside! And then when I was taking the test, the room was too freaking cold and I had to endure the world’s most awful cramps while I read about how they conducted business in Western Indonesia back in pre-colonial times. And yet, I managed to get right every single question on that reading test!  I am awesome!*

Good Thing: Bon Jovi is playing in North Carolina again! This month! In Raleigh! I had so much fun the last (and only) time I was in one of their concerts that I’m dying to go again!

Bad Thing: Unfortunately and due to the large amount of checks I’ve had to write this month, I can’t afford to attend the concert. Unless, a fairy godmother magically places tickets under my pillow! Or an anonymous good Samaritan sends me a couple of tickets in the mail! Or I win the Judge Judy/News-channel 12 Bon Jovi Concert Sweepstakes! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Good Thing: I finally found a lawyer in Savannah and hopefully, my driver’s license would not be revoked.

Bad Thing: I probably should have written the Bad Thing first. Well, here’s the thing…

Back on January 2nd, I got a Stand-Up-For-Myself-And-Do-Whatever-The-Hell-I-Want attack and so, I decided to drive (at 12:30 AM) from Miami, FL back to North Carolina with a girl who was sleepy and a guy who was not feeling well in a car that was not mine. I knew that meant that I had to do a good chunk of the driving, but I didn’t care. By the time we were out of  Florida,  which took forever by the way, my friends were passed out in the backseat and I just couldn’t wait to go home. First of all, it was a Sunday and I had just arrived from Colombia and had to be at work first thing the next day. So I did what people normally do in this situation, I stepped on that accelerator like there was no tomorrow. And a cop pulled me over and gave me a speeding ticket. In NC, if you’re going 15 miles over the speed limit (like I was) your license is suspended for a year.  And that is the reason why I had to hire a lawyer to represent me in court so the speed limit is reduced and I can keep my driver’s license. But man, it took me so long to find a lawyer that worked in the county where I got the ticket and without charging me a thousand dollars to represent me. And only until last Friday, I was able to find one.

Ultimately, I’ve had as many Good Things as Bad Things happen to me in these past few weeks. So I guess that makes things even, right Karma?

*I really don’t think I am that awesome in case anyone thought I was serious.


One Response to “Good Thing/Bad Thing: An Update On My Life”

  1. Johann Salas February 20, 2011 at 12:30 pm #

    hahaha your life is a soup opera, although you manage to have fun, wish you the best in that college application, I know you will succeed it.

    Hey you know how strong american are about their rules, I see the Colombian in you always makes you think “C’mon nothing wrong is going to happen”. Be careful for God’s sake !

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