I Don’t Know If I Should Cry or Laugh

15 Mar

So hello there, dear blog of mine! I know I have neglected you very much lately, but you know, life gets in the way every time I want to spend my time writing you. Also, the most hilarious thing happened to me when I finished writing a blog post during a tiny break I had today. After I was done proofreading it, stupid Microsoft Word did some kind of evil thing and tricked me into hitting No when it asked me to save the changes. Can you believe that? It was such a beautifully written blog post in which I explained how I was being all mature about all the shitty things that have happened to me lately and how I was starting to let go of the little things. Like how, for instance, I was not at all bitter about those three checks I am expecting on the mail not showing up when I so desperately need them.  Or how those assholes at a certain world-wide education company shamelessly put me on hold for a whole hour. Instead I was trying to list the positive things that have come out of that certainly unpleasant situation.

So I have nothing else to tell you, Bloggy Dearest, other than I am in full-on Cranky Bitch mode and I will take it out on anyone who crosses my way.

I hope I feel better by the time I am 27.




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