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Rants, Resolutions, and Rage

28 Mar

I don’t know how to start this post. There are a lot of thoughts going through my mind right now. Mostly, rage-filled thoughts.  There are also some vague thoughts about resolutions. So for now I will focus on the resolutions to see if the rage goes away.  A few weeks ago, I made this list of resolutions for my life, even though New Year’s was almost three months ago.  You see, I have this new project to create a new, improved, happier version of me. Such project requires changes in many aspects of my life, such as my eating habits, my education and therefore my finances.  Obviously, I don’t pretend to be done within a month or two; this is something that takes time and effort and commitment.

Perhaps the biggest thing I am trying to do to improve myself is lose weight. Everyone who knows me in real life knows that I’ve struggled with weight problems all my life. There was a time when I used to be really thin. Basically, because I was always starving myself which in turn made me into a grumpy, bitter bitch. But, hey, I looked awesome! Here’s a picture, in case you don’t believe me. 

I know, right?

So I am thinking I am going to print out that photo and stick it on my closet door so I can look at it in the morning when I am getting dressed which is the moment when I lament the state of my belly. Because when I’m stuffing my face with yummy steaks and apple pie with vanilla ice cream, I seem to forget how tight my pants are.  So I’m thinking, if I was able to do it one time, I can do it again. And you know what? I never go public about my losing weight endeavors so that in case I fail, no one will judge me. But this time I am making it public so that if you see me at the Burger King Drive-Thru, you do something to stop me!

Another thing  I am trying to commit to is writing more consistently on my blog. And by that, I don’t mean writing about what I did on my weekend or randomly posting pictures of myself or my friends. I mean, that’s fun and all, but I really want to improve my writing. The thing is most of the time I run out of ideas of things to write about. Then the other day I found this cool website that gives you writing prompts every single day. Maybe I will even try the posting everyday for one whole month thing. So I solemnly promise to come here more often and write more elaborate blog posts!  But alas for now, all I got is this lame entry.

Anyways, I’d better go now. I can feel my stomach grumbling now which means I need to make myself a healthy snack before I eat my weight in cheddar cheese and crackers.


Dear Miss Know-It-All,

When people make promises, it’s because they intend to keep them. In other words, don’t make promises you can’t keep, you dumb bitch! If I call you tonight, what excuse are you going to give me? Someone tried to grab your “bobbies”? So send me my damn check already or tell me to my face that you just won’t so I can stop expecting it now!

Ahh, I feel better now.