Friday I’m In Love!

3 Jun

This post has nothing to do with the song with that name by The Cure ( By the way, a shout-out to my friend D who loves this band!)

Actually, this is not so much a blog post but rather my way of sharing my new addiction: African food.

I am having a torrid love affair with it, which does NOT help my desire to lose weight and get healthy.

This dish is from Egypt, but it looks surprisingly similar to my favorite Lebanese dish, which I used to have in Colombia all the time.

Since my little point-and-shoot had an unfortunate accident, I’m not carrying it around all the time now. So these had to be taken with my friend’s phone. Trust me, that phone cam doesn’t do this food any justice.

I may or may not have said “Mmm…beignets de pommes” à la Homer Simpson when I saw those sweet little puffs shown above.

Note: if you happen to live near Durham or Raleigh, NC, I highly recommend this place and this place.  You’re welcome.

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