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Friday Folk

22 Jul

It seems like this blog is turning into a music blog. Not really, I just don’t have time to write meaningful posts anymore. So I just share music.

I am not quite sure this song is considered folk, but that was the only word I could find that starts with f that is kind of related to music. Yeah, I’m the queen of alliteration.

Anyways, I have this song on repeat on my playlist because I like it that much.  It has good lyrics and the video is nice too.

Wow, look at that vast vocabulary, good and nice. Ha!

If you’re wondering how my Master’s is going, I will let you know that I have gotten mostly A’s!  Wahoo! And that I only have one more week to go! Yay me!


I’ll Probably Regret This Monday Morning

15 Jul

So I’m only two weeks away from finishing my first summer semester for my TESOL Master’s and I’m utterly overwhelmed. Once again, I should be writing a paper (which is only half-way done) and here I am writing on this blog. I honestly don’t know why ( I will probably regret the time spent here when I am rushing to finish papers on Monday morning).  This morning I woke up with a headache that hasn’t gone away.

I feel it throbbing in my temples as I write this and I have already taken way too many painkillers.

I also have a few things that I want to get off my chest. But the truth is I am kind of a coward and I don’t think I can say them directly to the person they are directed to. Since my blog is kind of anonymous and my family doesn’t read it, I figured I might as well write them here. So here goes 10 things I want to say to some relatives, friends and acquaintances:

1) You think you’re perfect, don’t you? You think all the “good” things you do make you a better person? Well, newsflash: you’re wrong. The way you judge others makes you one lousy human being

2) Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for doing all that you do for me. I am so happy for the new changes that are going to take place in your life now

3) Honey, I love you, but sometimes you really should keep things to yourself

4) I wish I could just delete you from my mind and forget you even exist

5) Sometimes I think you are in fact one giant idiot. Other times, I just plain hate you

6)  I still can’t believe how gullible and naive I was (and still am)

7) Please, stop it. I don’t believe a word you say anymore.

8 ) Happy Birthday. I know I should have called, but sometimes I don’t think you love me enough, so don’t expect me to be as affectionate as they are to you.

9) Please forgive me. I don’t think I can apologize enough times. I hope you’re in a better place now. I really want you to be happy.

10) You have my heart. I love you. But you already know that.

Friday Doesn’t Mean Anything To Me Anymore!

1 Jul

Hey ya’ll!

I just finished my second week in grad school. And I barely survived. THIS IS SO MUCH WORK! But I know it will be worth it in the end.

All my friends told me I would do excellent in the writing assignments. And not to blow my own horn, I’ve gotten some praise on how well I write. 😛  I’m insufferable, I know.

But! Writing academically is nothing like writing here. I can basically say whatever I want here. Not on my Pedagogy papers! So far, I have gotten two A’s and a B.

I have been so busy, that I haven’t had time to do laundry or exercise frequently. Also, I’m eating like a pig. I blame that on getting three hours of sleep most days.

Things I love about school so far include:

-Linguistics! I love, love, love that class and my teacher knows so much. I want to be that smart!

– All the trees and plants in this town. It’s so green! No wonder it’s called Greensboro!

-Being a student again!

-Having free coffee and free access to an awesome library!

Since there’s not much narrative to this post, I will say goodbye now, but not without first sharing my two currently favorite songs! They’re obviously by Adele. I have the biggest girl crush on her! My love for her music is contagious. I have already turned 2 people into die-hard fans!

This one, I have on repeat on my playlist. Such a lovely voice!

And this one is just, perfect.

Happy Friday and Happy 4th of July! Go out and have a drink! I’ll be celebrating from my desk, drinking wine while I do phonetic transcriptions.