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I’ll Probably Regret This Monday Morning

15 Jul

So I’m only two weeks away from finishing my first summer semester for my TESOL Master’s and I’m utterly overwhelmed. Once again, I should be writing a paper (which is only half-way done) and here I am writing on this blog. I honestly don’t know why ( I will probably regret the time spent here when I am rushing to finish papers on Monday morning).  This morning I woke up with a headache that hasn’t gone away.

I feel it throbbing in my temples as I write this and I have already taken way too many painkillers.

I also have a few things that I want to get off my chest. But the truth is I am kind of a coward and I don’t think I can say them directly to the person they are directed to. Since my blog is kind of anonymous and my family doesn’t read it, I figured I might as well write them here. So here goes 10 things I want to say to some relatives, friends and acquaintances:

1) You think you’re perfect, don’t you? You think all the “good” things you do make you a better person? Well, newsflash: you’re wrong. The way you judge others makes you one lousy human being

2) Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for doing all that you do for me. I am so happy for the new changes that are going to take place in your life now

3) Honey, I love you, but sometimes you really should keep things to yourself

4) I wish I could just delete you from my mind and forget you even exist

5) Sometimes I think you are in fact one giant idiot. Other times, I just plain hate you

6)  I still can’t believe how gullible and naive I was (and still am)

7) Please, stop it. I don’t believe a word you say anymore.

8 ) Happy Birthday. I know I should have called, but sometimes I don’t think you love me enough, so don’t expect me to be as affectionate as they are to you.

9) Please forgive me. I don’t think I can apologize enough times. I hope you’re in a better place now. I really want you to be happy.

10) You have my heart. I love you. But you already know that.