Where On Earth Have I Been? And Where Did Summer 2011 Go?

17 Aug

Hello! It’s been a while since the last time I wrote here, and this time I can’t blame it on school work since I officially finished my summer semester on July 30th. So if you were wondering where on earth I have been, here’s an update (it’s a long one, so grab a drink) on my life, because I know that learning about the minutia of my life is vital for whoever stumbles upon this blog. Ha!

Even though, I left my school dorm on July 30th, I still wasn’t done with school.  I was still completing unexpected assignments on the first week of August. By the way, I so did not want to leave Greensboro. I got spoiled living in a city again. Also, I think it’s safe to say that I am in complete love with that city. Sure, Raleigh has more museums and Charlotte is way more exciting but compared to the incredibly small and highly rural town where I live, Greensboro is heaven. Going to the movies on a Tuesday night? Yes, please!  Starbucks iced coffee almost every day? Hell, yeah! I’m definitely a city girl and will always be one.

The weekend school ended, I had planned a trip to Wrighstville Beach, NC. I really enjoyed it, even if it wasn’t all fun. Sadly, I found myself writing an essay on my comfy hotel bed while the others swam in the ocean on a hot Sunday. Well, whatever. It still felt awesome to be on vacation. When I came home from the beach trip, I had to face the daunting task of unpacking, cleaning and organizing my house.  I took a look at my messy living room and kitchen, shrugged and went to watch T.V.

The next day I woke up and went for a jog, and 24 hours later I cursed the minute I decided to run so fast after not having worked out in over 4 weeks. Dumb me.  Later, I decided to suck it up and start cleaning and doing laundry. Surprisingly, the house was clean and all my laundry was folded at the end of the day. Not too bad for such a die-hard procrastinator like me. I was planning to do nothing and relax for the rest of that week but then my best friend (who now lives in the States, yay!) called me and asked me to visit her in South Carolina. I couldn’t say no to spending a few days with my godson. So my bestie and I (and some other really cool friends) spent a few days sitting around all day in our PJ’s, eating a lot and catching up. And playing fairy godmother to my godson. He he he.

Isn’t he adorable?

On the way back to NC, I made a pit stop to visit another friend of mine who just moved to the U.S. (apparently, we’re taking over the Carolinas ‘cause all my friends are moving here) and I ended up staying a couple of days with them. We watched a lot of movies, some good, others not so much.

After spending three days doing nothing but eating popcorn and drinking merlot while watching flicks with my friends, I drove back home to unpack my suitcase and then pack it once again. Then I drove to Raleigh to pick up my buddies who arrived back from Colombia and brought me awesome presents. I ended up staying there the whole weekend for more catching up and movie watching. Speaking of movies, I recently saw Gone with the Wind for the first time ever and no wonder it’s a classic. I loved it! I ended up imitating the way Scarlett O’ Hara speaks for days!

Now I am back home where I have spent the last 24 hours reading and watching TV. These last few weeks of summer, I have read a lot! Want to know one thing I have done a lot as well? Eating junk food. Want to know one thing I have NOT done a lot? Working out. My fitness level is deplorable, at best.

Anyways, summer vacation officially ends for me today since I start working tomorrow. And I start college again on the 27th. Boo! Where the hell did summer go?

I set my alarm to go for an early jog this morning, but ditched that idea and decided to read in bed instead. I told myself that I would do the workout later today, but I am enjoying so much these last few hours of sloth before the daily grind begins again, I doubt I’d make it out of my bed.



3 Responses to “Where On Earth Have I Been? And Where Did Summer 2011 Go?”

  1. johannsalas August 17, 2011 at 3:38 pm #

    Where on earth did my comment go ? I swear I wrote a big one then pressed “post comment” button shit !

  2. J August 20, 2011 at 5:42 pm #

    Your blogs are always entertaining:) Now stop making excuses and do your exercises!

  3. Oriana October 12, 2011 at 3:38 pm #

    Which best friend are you talking about? Wendy?

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