Resolutions Schmolutions: 2012 Version

6 Jan
The above title is my attempt at being clever and using that play on words that I’ve heard on many TV shows and read on many blogs. Anyways, I promised myself to try to make resolutions public so that I can be held accountable for them throughout the year, or at least so that I can go back to this post a year from now and see what I did wrong. Or what I did right. So here goes…
1) Spend less time online. That includes Facebook, blogs and a certain incredibly addictive website.
2) Create a schedule that allows me to balance work, school, time to work out, spending time with friends, reading and blogging more. (So much for the realistic goals)
3) Write more on my blog.
4) Be healthier. (which is code for LOSE WEIGHT!)
5) Exercise consistently come rain or shine. (in spite of how much homework I have)
6) Stop the eating between meals crap. Also, eat less junk.
7) Be more thick-skinned.
8) Spend less money on shoes. And shopping for unnecessary stuff in general.
9) Attempt to save some money.
10) Take a nice (real) vacation. (preferably somewhere I’ve never been to in Colombia with my boyfriend)*
11) Moisturize my skin a little more, floss every night and drink more water.
12) Stop starting projects without finishing them. (I’m looking at you scrap-booking, painting and amateur picture taking!)
13) Stop being a bad catholic and start going to church more often.
14) Clean my room more often.
15) Work on being a better teacher and showing my students my appreciation in more ways.
16) Successfully finish all the courses I need to finish so that I can graduate in May 2013.We’ll see what happens, 2012!M

PS: Also, I promise to stop using parentheticals so much and simply get to the damn point!

*This might seem like a weird resolution, but for this to happen so many things have to be arranged and coordinated that I need to have the resolve not to go crazy planning it.


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