A Day In The Life Of A Procrastinating Grad Student

25 Feb

5:00 AM: Wake up to finish reading Chapter 3, which I should have read during the weekend but was too busy hanging out with friends to actually do.

6:00 AM: Make coffee and drink it while I make the bed and listen to the weather forecast.

6:18 AM: Lay out my outfit for the day on the bed, shower, and get dressed.

6:45 AM: Go to the kitchen to make breakfast. Also, pack lunch while breakfast is ready.

7:00 AM: Eat breakfast while I watch GMA.

7:15 AM: Go out and warm up the car. Then, brush teeth, comb hair and put on moisturizer.

7:25 AM: Leave for work. Listen to audio book while driving. Put on make-up while waiting at red lights.

7:46 AM: Arrive to work and go to office to clock in. Get settled in classroom, finish putting make-up. Make copies if necessary.

8:10 AM: Start work. Check work and school email a hundred times between now and my lunch hour.

12:05 PM- 12:30 PM: Eat lunch while reading blogs.

3:23 PM: Students leave.  Stay for another 40 minutes preparing things for the next day.

4:05 PM: Go home.

4:20 PM: Arrive home, check mail. Wash dishes from breakfast. Make snack.

5:00 PM: Go for a walk if I’m in the mood. If not, waste more time reading blogs or checking Facebook.

6:00 PM: Make dinner. Then eat and do dishes.

7:00 PM: Sit in front of the computer to start doing homework.

7:15 PM: Check email, Facebook, bank account, Google Calendar, weather forecast, Twitter, my blog.

7:40 PM: Open the Word Document for my written assignment. Re-read the prompt. Proceed to write one sentence.

7: 55 PM: Check Moodle and GC email.

8:15 PM: Call one of my classmates to check if I understood the assignment right.

8:30 PM: Go back to my homework and write three more sentences.

8:45 PM: Check Twitter. Tweet that I am too busy doing homework. Check Facebook.

9:00 PM: Rewrite the sentences I have written so far. Realize I’m thirsty and walk to the kitchen to get water.

9:05 PM: Go back to my desk. Call my mom, J and another classmate.

9:45 PM: Tell me myself to get it together and start actually working. Check Facebook one more time.

10:00 PM: Remember Castle is on and turn on the TV. Watch Castle while I do the homework.

10:15 PM: Decide this episode is too good and requires all my attention. Put off my assignment for a bit.

11:00 PM: Promise myself that I would write for another 30 minutes before going to bed.

11:10 PM: Tweet that my homework is so hard and that I’m too overwhelmed to do it.

11:15 PM: Check my blog stats.

11: 20 PM: Google how much it is to take a vacation to Puerto Rico.

11:30 PM: Decide it is too late to do any more work and call it a night.

11:35 PM: Brush teeth, remove make-up, moisturize and go to bed.


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