Life Update

27 Apr

So yeah…it’s been a while, blog. It seems like I only write here about once a month. As usual, life has been all sorts of hectic and complicated lately. It has been full of writing papers, menial tasks such as doing laundry and cooking, and a bit of social life as well. There have been so many things I have wanted to write about. Cool stories to share, life experiences to reflect upon, but somehow blogging always gets put in the back burner. So here’s a bit of a life update (in bullet form, per usual)  in order to keep my blog from falling into complete oblivion. I will keep it short since I should be actually writing my final paper.

-I am almost done with my fifth course in college. That means that as of April 30th, when my final paper is due, I will be officially halfway done with my Masters. Woo! My last day of work is June 15 and my summer semester starts on June 18th, which means no break for me. I can’t wait to be living in Greensboro again!

-Thanks to my friend Angie, I am obsessed with the TV show True Blood. So obsessed, I watched a whole season in a week! I am also reading the books by Charlaine Harris, which the show is based on and for the first time ever, I actually like the show better than the books. A new season begins this summer, and I can’t wait. In the meantime, Angie and I are planning a True Blood marathon weekend!

– A few days ago, I saw this article online about this girl who is supposedly the most beautiful woman on the planet. I don’t know exactly why, but that totally rubbed me the wrong way. The girl is indeed gorgeous, but damn beauty is so objective, I don’t know why our society is so hell-bent on creating these standards on what beautiful women are supposed to look like. It pisses me off so much. It’s like when some mean people have told me in the past that I would be pretty if only I were thinner. Well, dude, you too would be so much more attractive if you weren’t such a closed-minded asshole. Okay, this is getting rant-y. I will stop now.

-I have the whole month of May off. Well, not totally off since I still have to work, but I won’t be doing any homework. So, I decided to enter this thing called Photo-A-Day challenge for the whole month of May. It’s basically that, you take a photo of something everyday. Since I don’t use instagram, I thought it might be cooler to post them on my blog along with some text. I can’t promise myself that I am going to be posting the photos every single day, but I plan to post them at least weekly or every two or three days. We’ll see how that goes. I think I might be getting a little carried away with projects and challenges for this month, since I am also thinking of going Paleo in May and writing the first chapter of my thesis. Ambitious much?

–  You know what’s been bothering me about myself lately? The fact that I desperately want to buy cool tech-y stuff (iPad, Kindle, iPhone, that in theory I can’t afford just because everybody else has them.  Why do we humans always want want want?

-Speaking of technology, my laptop is dying. It just goes off without a warning and this morning I got a BSoD (blue screen of death). I dropped it at the airport when I was coming back from a trip from Philly (TESOL convention FTW!) and then again one night when I was reading in bed. That was the stupidest thing I have ever done related to my being clumsy. I thought I felt something on the right side of my back, like something crawling, and I immediately thought it was a cockroach, so I jumped out of bed and my poor laptop landed on the hard wooden floor. I then proceeded to spill out the hot tea that I had in my mouth all over the keyboard. Why? Because I burst out laughing when I realized it was my cell phone vibrating and not a roach that had scared me. I am dumb.

-Further proof that I am dumb: I haven’t backed up any of my computer data. Well, except for college related stuff.

-Since one of my resolutions had been to spend less money in general. I have seriously stopped buying so many damn pairs of shoes. However, for my birthday I decided to give myself a cheap one as a present to myself. So I got a pair of turquoise pumps that I wore on my birthday. They were less than 20 dollars. But, they do not fit me anymore. I don’t know what was going through my mind when I bought them. They seem to be at least two sizes bigger, but the tag said they were my size. I am trying to find ways to make them fit, but no dice. I have been asking everyone for advice on how to make them fit. My boyfriend’s response: “you need bigger feet”.


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