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Photo-A-Day May: Day 12 ( Oh Crappy Day)

14 May

Day 12

Someone who makes you happy

The prompt actually said “something that makes you happy”  but I don’t care.  There is no material possession in this world that can make me happier than him. I took that picture last December when we took a trip to Asheville, NC.

The crappy part of the day? It wasn’t that day. It started last night.

See the cool filter I used on the photo above? I will not be using it for a while because my stupid laptop is being repaired again. After I gave in and shed 100 bucks to get it fixed only to have the computer guy say there was nothing wrong with it. Well, guess what? He was wrong. It kept going off again last night.

Add to that the fact that I broke one of the lovely IKEA lamps that I bought yesterday. Also, I planned an impromptu birthday dinner for a friend and when she came over, I find out that her birthday is not today but Wednesday.

Also, I screwed up saving the pictures for my Photo-A-Day May challenge on Dropbox and when I went to get them to publish here, they weren’t there. I suck.

I know none of these are really “big problems” in the grand scheme of things, but they suck and they’ve given me a headache tonight.

I am going to watch one more episode of True Blood and just forget about this crap.

Be back when I have more cool photos to share and nicer words to say.