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Photo-A-Day May: Day 23-26

27 May

I never thought I said this, but I am sick of uploading pictures. I love taking and editing them, but uploading and sharing is a pain in the butt.

Day 23:


I think I actually repel technology. Wii is the only video-game that I don’t suck so much at.

Day 24:

Something New

I am also a plant killer, but couldn’t resist this sweet basil plant at the Farmer’s Market. Dear Basil, please give me many delicious opportunities to make bruschetta with you before you die on me.

Day 25:

Something Odd

It is really odd that I couldn’t find something odder to photograph than this odd-looking candle.

Day 26:

12 o’clock

That was taken at noon at Wrightsville Beach, NC where we are currently spending Memorial Day weekend. We rented an apartment close to the beach and thankfully have been able to enjoy our vacation to the fullest despite the sense of impending doom in the air due to a sub-tropical storm that is stalking Eastern North Carolina. By the way, you really haven’t lived if you haven’t been to the beach at night during a thunderstorm. Good times.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some ice cream to eat and a sunset to watch by the Cape Fear River.