Don’t Worry…About A Thing…

28 Jun

‘Cause every little thing…is gonna be alright.

That’s what I have been telling myself since the beginning of this year. However, sometimes it is so damn hard not to worry. I keep telling one of my friends from college that I am an incurable “worrier”.

You get an unexpected bill from your college? Oh, well.

You start to panic because you realize most of your papers and stuff are due in a week? It will get done.

You have a bunch of e-mails that you need to answer but you keep avoiding? You will answer them…eventually. Or you can always delete them.

You are unable to do the things you need to do because life simply keeps getting in the way? Let it be.  Things will work themselves out.

I am writing here because I am making a deal with my brain to stop overthinking and overanalyzing everything so I can finish this damn writing assignment! You know how your brain gets when you want to stop thinking about something but then all you do is think about that thing? Well, that is how my brain is right now. Wired and distracted.

As much as I hate the following phrase, I realize I have no choice but to use it as my mantra.

This too shall pass.


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