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May Photo-a-Day Challenge: Days 10 to 20

20 May

Also known as “playing catch up”

Day 10: Stars

I took this one while we were rehearsing our graduation ceremony. That is a light on the ceiling that I zoomed in.  It kind of looks like a star although it’s not really a star.

Day 10

Day 11: Smile

I graduated on May 11! I couldn’t stop smiling I was so happy! I feel like I owe myself a post on what it feels like to have accomplished this.

Day 11

Day 12: Mother

My mom is here and she’s staying with me the whole summer. It’s been great to have my mom here, but it’s also been hilarious watching my mom interact with my husband.

Day 12

Day 13: Sunset

Outside my backyard. Beautiful.

Day 13

Day 14: Needs

I was clueless as to what to photograph for this prompt. I figured a basic need is oxygen or food. Since I do not know of a way to photograph oxygen, it had to be food. I chose fruit since they are some of the most “photogenic” foods.

Day 14

Day 15: 7 o’clock

I know. How original, right?

Day 15

Day 16: Mailbox

Nothing special about this one other than the fact that I took it a day late because I was really tired that day.

Day 16

Day 17: Season

This was a really nice day here in NC. Neither hot nor cold. Lots of sunshine and a nice breeze.

Day 17

Day 18: Want

I love this trail and all the old trees in the area. I have decided that I want to live near trees for the rest of my life.

Day 18
Day 19: Favorite View

Love reading on Sunday mornings. It has become part of my weekend routine.

Day 19

Day 20: Light

I was trying to be artsy with the lamp on my night table.

Day 20