Summer 2013

13 Aug

Yay, this blog is not dead!

At this point, I’m not even going to make excuses to myself for not writing more often. The truth is I was just too lazy to do it. It’s weird how I always craved personal time to write on my blog when I was in grad school. This year, I had a whole summer off and my productivity has been zilch.

But, what is being productive really? Does staying up late watching Lost with your husband count? Or reading all day almost everyday? Or perhaps getting pedicures with your mom while you sip wine? If so, I had a damn productive summer!

Seriously though, I have come to the conclusion that the busier you are, the more things you get done. It kind of blows my mind that I was able to work full-time, take grad school classes, commute 2 hours a day and do my share of the cleaning and cooking at home during all of last year. But then once school was out for the summer, I couldn’t even muster the energy to finish cleaning the house in one day. Also, I’ve had my mom’s help all summer*. She would cook or clean while I lounged in the living room reading or watching stuff on Netflix. At times I felt guilty, but she said she was happy doing those things for us. I guess she was trying to make up for all these years I’ve lived on my own in the US with no help from her or any other relative.

So, despite feeling –slightly–guilty** that I didn’t get started on that novel I want to write or that I didn’t make any effort to help my husband with that ESL manual he’s working on, I guess the past few months weren’t entirely wasted.

So what did I do? Let’s see:

-Went on a bunch of picnics with my mom


-Helped my friends pack and move back to Colombia (I miss them so much!)

– Went to a few backyard BBQs and had a couple in my own backyard

-Took my mom to Duke Gardens

duke gardens

-Explored downtown Raleigh with my family

-Took a bunch of road trips with my mom and my husband so she could see a lot of cool places in the East Coast

Road trip

-Not missed an episode of Dexter and True Blood

-Spent a whole day exploring Wilmington

-Went to the beach and to a nearby lake a few times

beach trip

-Went kayaking and paddle-boating


-Cleaned out my closet

-Met friends downtown to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July

-Went to the Farmer’s market as often as possible


-Took way too many selfies (what can I say? too much free time? )


-Got a really bad sunburn

-Had my godson and my BFF spend two weeks at my house (we cooked and ate a lot during those two weeks)

Justin bubbles

-Had a little dance party in my living room

-Had awesome YouTube Sessions*** with friends


-Went for fro-yo with mom way too many times

-Went shopping with mom way too many times

-Rearranged furniture in my home

Clean house

-Binge-watched Lost with J.

-Took awesome pictures of the sunset by the Cape Fear River


-Read many amazing books and a bunch of trashy ones

So that was my summer. Here’s to hoping next one brings new adventures! (and maybe a bit more productivity)

*She is leaving tomorrow 😦
**I say slightly, however, several nights I had nightmares that I was late for work or that my boss was yelling at me for not submitting a report on time.
***YouTube Sessions is what my friend L from Brazil dubbed our little reunions on somebody’s living room where we have drinks and  stream old YouTube music videos on a TV screen. We all take turns choosing which video to watch next and sometimes we even discuss the videos, but mostly we’re just singing out loud. It’s pretty awesome!

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