24 Nov

1) Sometimes when I hear and/or see something that makes me feel sad or disappointed, I sulk in silence and stew over whatever is bothering me. Other times, when certain things make me angry, I compose a strongly-worded email. I always take a deep breath  and wait a little bit before I hit send. Most of the time, I realize that whatever made me feel that way, it’s not even worth my time.

2) I miss my friends who are abroad so much it makes me sad. Thank God for Skype.

3) I’m using a MacBook laptop for the first time and it’s a love-hate relationship so far. People tell me it gets better and that eventually I’ll love it. I kind of hate the supersensitive trackpad right now, though.

4) I hate it when people don’t reply to emails.

5) I’m a closet Lady Gaga fan. I don’t care for flamboyant personality but her songs are so damn catchy and put me in a great mood. I always have the Lady Gaga station on Pandora really loud before important events: when I was getting ready for my wedding, before I presented my thesis or whenever I have a big training session at work. I’m actually listening to some vintage Lady Gaga right now. 😉

6) Life will never be perfect, but right now I’m thankful for all I have: my health, a great job that I really, really enjoy, a wonderful family that even being so far away shows me their love for me in so many ways, those who I’m lucky to call my friends, and last but not least my handsome, loving husband with whom I’m deeply, madly in love.


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