My Life Playlist: Volume 1

1 Dec

So this year, much like like the last two years, my Thanksgiving was spent with friends. Should I start calling it Friendsgiving then? It seems like that what’s all the cool kids are calling it. We made a ton a food, as always, and ate more than we should. Although, I think I made the wise decision not to have but a bite of lemon pie for dessert. So I didn’t feel like puking the next day. Anyways, after Thursday’s celebration, we’ve been doing what we’ve wanted to do the most for a while: absolutely nothing. Well, technically, not nothing. We’ve been watching movies, reading, listening to music, having hot chocolate. I also had set this weekend aside to get started with Christmas decoration, but that didn’t happen.  I’m feeling meh about Xmas this year for some reason.

So,the other day I was having beers with J at World of Beer and we were talking about how good their music selection was. Then, the song “Hella Good” by No Doubt came on. I didn’t know how much I liked this song. So much that I actually stopped talking to J so I could sing along. For the next few days, I couldn’t stop listening to it (which, mind you, is not very uncommon of me whenever I find a new song I love).

I started to think back on all the music that at some point of my life I’ve had on replay over and over again. So I realized that those songs were part of My Life Playlist.

What is a life playlist you ask? Well, first of all is something I just made up.  Also, if you are anything like me, (which I’m assuming most people are even a little bit) you have songs that you’ve always loved and that take you back in time to a certain period of your life. These are the songs that make you recall a person, event or place that was a part of your life in the past. Or, if you’re anything like my friend Jose, it makes you think about a specific date.

I’ve been trying to collect these songs, but it’s really difficult to remember them all. There are so many songs that remind me of wonderful (and not so wonderful) times that it seems almost impossible to compile them all in one place.  I decided to put this website to good use and start saving these songs here.

So here goes Volume 1: Thanksgiving 2013 Edition

These are the top five songs that we played last Thursday, which have stuck with me. Most of them were new to me (and by Colombian artists!), and I have listed them in order of preference:

Number 5- Fuego by Bomba Estéreo (This video was filmed in my beloved Barranquilla!)

Number 4- Cosita Rica by Bomba Estéreo

Number 3- El Mensajero by Gotan Project

Number 2- De Donde Vengo Yo by Chocquibtown

Number 1- El Alma Y El Cuerpo by Bomba Estéreo  (I can’t get enough of this song!)


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