December: Blog Posting Month

2 Dec

As I was waiting for my coffee to brew the other morning, I decided to check my FB newsfeed to see what was new with the world. (Sidenote, you know how I’ve been complaining about Facebook for ages? I decided I should not spend time there ‘cause I was bound to give myself a heart attack reading the shallowness that abounds there). Anyways, some people were posting Photo-A-Day Challenges and I thought I might do that for the month of December too.

But then I thought, stupidly, heyyy, why don’t I do a Blog Post-A-Day challenge instead? After all I’ve been wanting to do something like that for a while. So I resolved to do just that. One post every single day (even weekends) for the entire month of December.

And now I’m thinking, how on earth did I think this was a good idea? And why didn’t I do this over the summer? When I was off for TWO WHOLE MONTHS! I didn’t announce it on my post yesterday in case I chickened out. But here I am. Posting on a Monday. Yay?

I am really at a loss about what to write for 31 days. I feel like I don’t have that much to say. So if there’s anybody reading out there…please ask me a question. I’m really good at answering. I think.

So to start (officially) the everyday blogging madness, here’s the minutia of my day today*

Monday December 2nd, 2013

5:20 AM – Wake Up, shower, get dressed etc.

(It took so much effort for me to wake up this morning. J woke up really sick yesterday and I guess whatever awesome germs he had have now been passed to me. I thought about staying home, but there’s just too much going on this week. I chose to take a bunch of DayQuil and just power through)

6:45: Leave for work

8:00- Work: Emails, emails and more emails!

9:00- Leave office: Meetings, meetings, meetings!

12:30 PM – Brief lunch break

1:00- More meetings

3:30 -Errands: Bank, Post office, etc

5:00- Home: Chill on the couch while I have a snack

5:30 Zumba!

6:30 Back home: Shower, Skype with family, prepare some stuff for work tomorrow, nag at husband over dishes

8:30: Blog

Highlight of my day: beautiful red roses waiting for me!

2013-12-02 19.11.39

*which, fine, I know nobody really cares about, but I thought it’d be a good idea to look back on a day like today in the future when I have kids and longer hours at work and laugh at my ridiculousness for calling this a busy day.


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