My Life Playlist: Volume 2

12 Mar

Volume 2: 2009 Edition

Whoa, the sky must be about to bust open because I’ve posted twice in a month. I must be on a roll!

Maybe the reason why I decided to open the old blog today is because I can’t feel the bottom half of my mouth and that I really don’t know what to do to keep myself distracted and not think about chewing my bottom lip over and over again. You see, I went to the dentist today after work to get a routine cleaning, which normally is a pretty common procedure. However, being that the last time I got my teeth cleaned was… ahem, I don’t even want to say it, the hygienist had to bring out the big guns. Basically, I had to get my jaw/chin numbed because my teeth were so sensitive I winced every time the lady tried to scrape them. I hate going to the dentist but I really need to start going more often so that it’s less traumatic every time I do go.

Alternatively, the reason why I am writing this post could be related to the fact that for the past few days I’ve had the worst bout of homesickness in a long time. Maybe it’s because I’m about to turn 30 (what!) or because I haven’t been there in almost four years but I really, really miss home. I miss my mom, my cousins, my aunt, my uncles, my grandpa, my friends, Carnival, December celebrations, the restaurants I use to visit, the mall near my house, the bars where I went to have drinks with my girls, etc. I even miss riding the bus…sometimes. I do not miss getting mugged or the stifling heat. My homesickness has gotten so bad to the point that for a little bit I thought I was suffering from depression.

Even though I went to Barranquilla in 2010, in my mind Barranquilla is stuck in the year 2009. I spent the first 9 months of that year in Barranquilla before I came to the US and that is exactly the way I remember it. So today’s installment of my Life Playlist is a tribute to the first half of 2009 and the music that reminds me of the last time I lived in my beloved Barranquilla. I think I may have to get me a boom box next time I go home (which I’m hoping happens very, very soon) to blast some of these songs while I show my husband my favorite places and things to do in the city where I grew up and that I love so very much.

Lady Gaga- Poker Face

Coldplay – Viva La Vida

Shakira – She Wolf

Wisin & Yandel – Me Estas Tentando

(Whatever, I danced to this song many times even though it’s not my kind of music)

Jason Mraz- I’m Yours


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