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Sunday Evening Thoughts

1 Jun

Where has the time gone? I can’t believe it’s been over two months since the last time I sat down to write my random thoughts on the old online journal. Whatever, life got in the way.

A lot has been going on and I feel like I have failed to capture it. I don’t know if everyone goes through the same but I get this feeling that I don’t want those memorable moments in life to slip away too quickly. I want to somehow lock them in a capsule and preserve them forever. So I can go back and relive them as many times as I want to. Perhaps that is the reason why people take some many pictures and then share them on social networks. We want to make those fleeting moments more permanent somehow. It’s either that or just wanting to show off material possessions and/or good looks.

I decided to give the Blog Post-A-Day thing another try. Yes, once again. December was just too hectic and with too much travel for me to be able to carve time out of my day to write. I figured June was a better month since I only work for half of it.

Maybe I’ve already said this here, but a lot of times I really want to commit to writing more. When I was talking to my husband about my intention to write on the blog everyday (and actually do it) he asked why I felt the need to take something I liked to do every now and then and turn it into a chore. The simple answer to that is because I need the self-imposed discipline to get better at writing. Also, because I know I would love to eventually go back in time and read what was going on in my life during all of June 2014.

I will end this post here because it’s starting too sound too much like navel-gazing for my taste. Certainly, what I’ll write for the next 30 days will not always be too serious,and I know there will be days where I’ll cheat and just post too many pictures.

Sunset in our lovely little town

Sunset in our lovely little town