Just A Little Rant

3 Jun

I have been an emotional mess these past few days. I have all the feelings right now and it sucks because I honestly cannot do anything about it.  While I’m normally a very relaxed and easy-going person, I can’t handle stress when I’m this emotional and I tend to blow things out of proportion.

I  remember this one time when I was still working on my thesis, and I was having a really rough week. One particularly bad day that week I had to work late and I was freaking out about it. To make me feel better, my husband offered to take care of dinner that night. Instead of thanking him, I actually told him not to do it because I didn’t want him to make a mess in the kitchen, and because I didn’t want to deal with it.  How grateful I am! I did apologize afterwards. After dinner, I went upstairs and took a shower. Then I moped around feeling miserable. I pretty much bawled my eyes out until I fell asleep. Living with me is a joy, I know!

Now, everyone who knows me can attest to how sensitive I can be. My mom tells this story of the one time when I was in Kindergarten and my teacher sort of complained about how I would cry when other kids pushed me or were aggressive to me. As an adult, I tend to blame that aspect of my personality on my hormones, but I feel like that it is a cop-out. Or at least it should be. While it’s true that women tend to be more emotional than men (and it is largely due to our monthly hormonal fluctuation), it shouldn’t mean that we get to act like raging lunatics or depressed psychos and everyone has to deal with it.  This is why some people don’t take women seriously.

Every time I start acting that way–moody and touchy for no particular reason, I feel like a giant walking cliché. I’ve been making an effort not to let my emotions control me when Aunt Flo is about to come visit or whenever I am having a bad day. I should just eat a piece of chocolate, drink a glass of wine and watch a chick flick.

Which is exactly what I did tonight.


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