Photo/Thought Dump

27 Jun

Life has been kind of hectic this past week which is why blogging has fell to the wayside, as usual. We have a big vacation trip coming up so I’m getting everything ready for that.  Honestly, I am too exhausted to compose any kind of coherent text right now. My exhaustion is both physical and mental since I had the great idea to attend an Insanity class yesterday morning and now I can’t walk without hurting. So I am here in bed drinking coffee and eating oatmeal while debating if I should go to Zumba class or just stay in bed. Hence, a Photo/Thought Dump!

1) I can’t get enough iced coffee. For the record, the one I make at home is just as good (or maybe better) than Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. photo 3



2) Everyone who knows me well is aware of the fact that I am not into sports, either watching them or practicing them. However, I can’t help getting excited over the World Cup and cheering for Colombia, who’s doing awesome this time by the way. I think it’s partly a childhood thing. I have fond memories of watching USA ’94 and France ’98 World Cups with all my neighborhood friends. Ah, the 90’s. How I miss that decade!

image (11)

image (10)

3) It kind of sucks when you’re off for the summer and your husband is not. It wasn’t so bad last year because my mom was here. And while I have plenty of things to do around the house to keep me busy during the day, sometimes girls just wanna have fun!

photo 2

photo 1That would be a Bento Box from The Cowfish, a sushi/burger joint that opened in Raleigh last year. The sushi was awesome; the burger was kind of meh.  I’ll definitely be back!

4) We went fishing for the first time last weekend! I mean, it wasn’t my husband’s first time fishing and technically I didn’t do any fishing. So I guess I should say, the husband went fishing for the first time in the Neuse River and I tagged along to take pictures and ask him to put the fish back in the water.

photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (2)

5) Ever since I turned 30, I have started to notice slight but definitely perceptible signs of aging. My eyebrows aren’t as full as they used to be; I have more sunspots/freckles and my eyelids are getting a bit droopy. Oh, well. Aging cannot be stopped and I am definitely not going to go out of my way to hide it, other than wearing sunblock and moisturizer.

photo 3 (1)


6) Oatmeal! I cannot get enough oatmeal lately. This is one of my favorites ways to eat it: Raw old-fashioned oats, pineapple greek yogurt, banana and a little bit of peanut butter. Yum!

photo 4



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