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Partay At My Hotel!

7 Jul

I’m once again traveling for a work conference. Even while I’m on vacation! Yay!


This time I’m in Morehead City NC for a two-day workshop.


I’m really enjoying the conference but I would be enjoying it more if it weren’t for the big trip we have this Thursday! I’m still not done with packing and the eleventy billion errands I have to run before leaving and the whole thing has given me a chronic migraine.

As a way to relieve stress, I’ve been taking pictures of myself


Such unruly hair, much windy, so trendy (inside joke)

I was actually hoping to eat at a famous local seafood place but then my migraine got worse so I just went out and got more painkillers, takeout sushi and frozen yogurt. And then I had a solo party in my hotel room with delicious spicy sushi and free HBO!


(Side note, I can’t believe how much I love sushi now when I used to dislike it so much. It’s crazy how your tastes change as you get older)

Next time I post, I’ll be writing from an exciting place somewhere in the caribbean!