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Home Alone

21 Dec

Hello there! It’s me again reporting from terribly cold North Carolina. Well, terribly cold by my standards. People around here keep telling me that it is going to get even colder in January and that in the north of the country (where I’m headed tomorrow) is going to be freezing cold.
As if it didn’t feel freezing cold already. I feel like I am inside a refrigerator when I’m walking outside. They say February will be the coldest month and I can’t help but to curse in my head when I hear that. Because in my mind February is meant to be warm and breezy and comfortable. It’s freaking Carnival time! People are supposed to sweat under the hot sun! I can’t fathom that time of the month being any other way. Pardon my rambling.

So I’ve been home alone for over a week now. You know, like with no one else in the house. Totally alone in a two story apartment! Those are words I’d never thought I’d say. Or type.

My roommate left for a cruise in the Caribbean and won’t come back until January. And my vacation doesn’t start tomorrow when I will leave for Pennsylvania to spend Christmas and New Year’s with my friend’s family. I am also going to go to NYC for a day or two. So that has left me to live alone for a whole week. When I first realized this, I freaked out a little. But then I told myself: “Relax, you’re a grown woman capable of surviving this”

For those of you who know me well, you obviously know why this is such a big deal. I get scared easily and a lot of things scare me: any dark place, being alone in a house, scary movies, spirits, ghost stories, cockroaches, dogs…it’s a long list. On the other hand, things that would normally scare other people don’t scare me, like speaking in public, exams or taking a taxi alone at 2:00 AM in a city I don’t know.

So this is the last day of my living alone adventure and I have to say I haven’t gotten scared even once. Okay, that’s a big lie. I have been a little scared but I quickly shake it off and fill my head with positive thoughts. I have a few techniques that help me:

– I leave on almost every light in the house as soon as it gets dark.

– I turn on the TV as soon as I am in the kitchen so I am distracted and don’t imagine that a ghost is going to sneak up on me while I  am cooking or doing the dishes.

– I sing or whistle loudly when I am in the bathroom so I don’t hear weird noises.

– I talk on the phone while I am in the kitchen.

– When I am about to go to sleep, I turn off the lights downstairs and I run up the stairs really fast and I don’t look back once.

– When I’m in bed, I count sheep, read a boring book, or watch The Lord of The Rings to help me fall asleep quickly. I also set the TV to turn itself off in the middle of the night.

There are some positive aspects of living alone as well. Like the fact that no one can complain about the pile of dirty dishes in my sink or the mess in living my room. Also I’ve been sick as hell with a cold that evolved into the flu and that is the real reason why I haven’t done the dishes. Not because I’m lazy!

I have to say that living alone while you’re sick sucks. The other night, I had an awful coughing fit and no one to make me some tea. I didn’t get any sleep that night and I thought I was going to die because my lungs hurt so much from coughing. Now, I could have made myself tea, but that required me going downstairs at 3:00 AM. And that is definitely one thing I am not willing to do while I am home alone.