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Happy Birthday…belated.

23 Mar

Happy Belated Birthday to me! Now if you wonder why I hadn’t written before, it is because I was too busy enjoying an extended birthday celebration.

No, that’s not it.  I am just plain lazy and don’t blog as much as I could.  Sometimes it is hard to find inspiration and that’s why I don’t write. Other times, it is just life that keeps me from writing. Man, living by yourself is so much work! All that cleaning and organizing and cooking and dish washing and laundry doing. It is so EXHAUSTING!!!

Anyways, back to the birthday thing.

My birthday turned out to be awesome! Especially, because I had two celebrations! And 4 birthday cakes! That’s right, 4!

Since I am better with pictures, I will illustrate my birthday with them.

My friend from work made me this birthday cake. It was a lemon cake with a cream cheese frosting. So yum! This was my first party celebration and unfortunately I don’t have any more pictures of it. That’s a lie; I do have more pictures but they are all hideous. One thing you should know about me: Camera flash hates me! Don’t ever attempt to take my picture at night using the flash.

Birthday Celebration Number 2. I love this picture because it looks as if I were drunk and about to drop the cake. Fine, I admit it. I was a little tipsy. But hey, it’s my 26th birthday!  I was also feeling a little self-conscious because everyone was around me in a circle with their looks fixed at me while they sang Happy Birthday.

This was towards the end of the night. I had already taken off my shoes and jacket and let my hair down. For those who know me well, I was already getting sleepy. Frankly, it is a miracle my eyes are open in this shot. Well, kind of open. We all look cute, don’t we?

My friend Daiver was so thrilled to do magic his magic tricks at my birthday party. Can’t you tell how much he loves it? He was all like, YAY! when I told him I would blog about it.

And finally my favorite part of the day, when I got to exchange my gift cards!

And now I am the proud owner of that cute shirt. And a bunch of other things that I am not going to show because it’s getting late and I have to clean, dust, vacuum, cook, etc.

I hope you all enjoyed looking at the birthday (count the number of times I’ve typed the word “birthday” in this post) pictures as much as I enjoyed, um, living them?