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Living in the safe city of Barranquilla

13 May

This guy from Texas I used to know told me once that he felt safer living in Barranquilla than he ever did in Houston. Bah!  Living in Barranquilla is as dangerous as living in any other overpopulated city around the world. Even more dangerous I’d dare say because this is the only place where they mug you in the middle of the day right in front of your house.

Every time I go to the south part of the city I always worry about being robbed. Not once have I been robbed there.  All the three times I’ve been mugged,  it’s been in front of my house. And twice I’ve had people rob stuff through my window! Is this some kind of karma or what? Will I always live surrounded by thieves and muggers?

All this rage against robbery and mugging comes obviously from the fact that I was mugged recently. Very recently. This morning to be precise. The guy took my crappy old cell phone, my MP3 player and my gold necklace. Luckily, he didn’t take my wallet which is way more valuable. I guess losing your stuff is a real pain, but trying to get them back is even worse. Like going to the police station to file a report in order to get my old number back from Tigo.

Okay I’m going to stop being pissed now and go to bed because I have to wake up early in the morning.