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10 Annoying Things That Men Do

14 Sep

Today I’ve been feeling, let’s say, moody. But the adjectives hormonal, enraged, annoyed, frustrated and utterly exhausted are also applicable. As therapy, I went out for a jog, got to see a beautiful sunset, ditched cooking and got take-out for dinner. Also, I had a glass of wine  and wrote lousy, angsty poetry in my journal while I inhaled the aroma of two scented candles (Pumpkin Spice and Meadow Rain) I lit. And after that, I watched crappy TV with my roommate. We watched this show called Undateable on VH1 which is like a countdown of things that make a man seem completely undesirable.

So, instead of writing something productive here and inspired by frivolous television, I compiled a brief list of offenses that I’ve witnessed men commit during my not-so-experienced dating life and which I consider are deal-breakers*.  Some of these were also mentioned on the show.

10- Talking about video games or sports non-stop

This is only because I don’t like neither video games nor sports, but really it could be any topic. Basically, if someone is unable to carry a conversation about something other than what they’re interested in, you’re wasting your time talking to that person. I know I get on my soapbox sometimes when I talk about grammar or languages for instance, but I can usually tell when I’m boring the other person to death and it’s time for me to shut up. Conversation is a two-way street; you can’t expect your interlocutor to be engrossed listening to your rambles about whatever. People really should learn to read body language and know when it’s the other person’s turn to talk.

9- Grabbing his crotch in public

Are guys on some kind of testosterone overload when they feel the need to hold their testicles in public? Is it a way to reassert their manhood? Does it show the world that you’re in control of your gonads and therefore, the world? Can you imagine if women started grabbing their boobs like that? I have to confess this is not something that I absolutely hate as long as they don’t do it in public. But seriously, I’m really curious as to why men do this.

8- Leaving the toilet seat up

Okay, this is something that you usually notice after you’ve been dating for a while and by then, you can’t really do anything about it. 99% of the guys I’ve dated do this. Only one guy didn’t have this awful habit. Men, please, put the seat down. And also, aim inside of the bowl, s’il vous plaît?

7-Shallow conversation for more than 5 minutes

This should apply to everyone in general, I believe. If you talk to me about the gym, your hair, how much money you got, celebrity gossip, or some other inane thing like that for more time than it takes for us to break the ice, I will not waste my time talking to you a second time.

6- Bad Table Manners

I once went out on a date with a guy who took me to an ice cream parlor. We ordered waffle cones and ate them while walking around town. It was March so it was still a bit chilly, but not that cold. This dude spilled the ice cream all over him. His excuse for doing so was the cold breeze. He looked so messy and…sticky. Gross. I couldn’t even finish my own ice cream.  Please, go back to your momma and tell her to teach you some manners before you take a girl out.

5- Burps/Farts

Do I need to say more? It’s rude, don’t do it. Oh, and the same guy from the ice cream incident burped so loud in the car when we were driving back to my house, I really felt like kicking him out of the car.

4-Not offering to pay for the check on the first date.

Now, you’d think all men should know this by now but apparently, not all do.  Although this has never happened to me, I do know of a few cases in which this has occurred. Gee, where are all the gentlemen? While it’s true that women demand for equality, offering to pay the check is a question of courtesy. Guys, even if the girl insists on paying, DON’T EVER LET HER PAY THE FIRST TIME!

3- Gross Nails

This includes long nails and especially dirty nails. When I see a guy with either dirty or long nails all I can think about is: you plan to touch me with those hands?  No way! I think I speak for all women when I say this is a huge turn-off.

2- Bad Breath/B.O.

I know I don’t always smell like roses and my breath is not always minty-fresh, but if you know that your body is going to be close to someone else’s, please shower and have a Tic-Tac. I’m not saying guys should put on expensive cologne. One guy I dated never wore perfume and I found his smell to be deliciously intoxicating and really, he just smelled clean. Personally, I am very sensitive to smells. Therefore, I can’t stand the thought of being close to someone who smells bad.

1-Bad Spelling

I know this is just me being psycho, but I despise bad spelling and those who commit this crime. I find it  repellent and repulsive. It makes me not want to read what you have to say. In my mind, I will ridicule you and think you’re still in 5th grade and learning to spell words for the first time. I make a few exceptions, though. Such as my foreign language or second language students. But if they’re writing in their mother tongue, really there is no excuse. Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher but this is my number one pet peeve. Ironically, I’ve dated mostly guys with bad spelling and I even made fun of some of them right to their face. One time I received a hand-written love letter that was plagued with spelling errors. What did I do? I took a red pen, corrected all the mistakes and returned it to the author asking him to please re-write it correctly. At that time, I was not a teacher yet. And surprisingly, the guy didn’t dump me.

*This is a bit of an exaggerated statement. When you’re head-over-heels in love with someone, it’s like someone puts a blindfold around your eyes and you see no flaw in them. Please don’t take this post too seriously. 🙂