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Merry Christmas / Happy New Year

29 Dec

I know that is a rather unoriginal title, but it summarizes what I want to say. I had grand plans to write long blog posts in order to unwind from the stress of college and work, but it seems like all the writing I did left me spent and without words. I got an A as my final grade on my Fall course, so I guess all the effort paid off. I have spent the last two weeks almost completely unplugged from all technology while enjoying the delicious quiet of the mountains of South Carolina.

I have exactly 15 days until I start a new course in college and 4 days until I go back to work. I will save my reflections over the year that is almost over and the resolutions I will make for the new one until then.

Until then, I will simply enjoy today and not think about yesterday or tomorrow.

10 Random Things

22 Jan

Lately my life has been all possible kinds of busy and complicated, and I feel like I could write a whole book with all the things I have to say, but some of them are impossible to tell without you thinking I am totally nuts and others are too private to post on a public blog. So…because I don’t want to let my blog die (and because I love writing lists!), I will tell you ten random things that I have on my mind right now and/or that have happened to me in the last few days. Enjoy!

1-      I went to Spartanburg, South Carolina last weekend to visit my Colombian friends there and I had a great time. I ate a very yummy Bandeja paisa and went to a club owned by a Colombian guy. It was an awesome trip. I went bowling for the first time while I was there and even though I sucked at it, I have to say, BOWLING ROCKS!

2-      I overheard a student saying to another student I was hot. Yay me!

3-      There are some relatives back home who I haven’t called since I’ve been here. It makes me feel terrible about myself. But then when my mom gives me grief about it, I get angry and tell her that I am just like my dad in the fact that I hate calling people. Btw, I haven’t called my dad either. I suck.

4-      I have gotten so bad at reading. I started reading Angels and Demons back in PA and simply lost interest. Now I am reading Eat, Pray, Love and this one is more appealing. I still do read, but mostly other people’s blogs or the news. What’s wrong with me?! I never read the news in Colombia. This country is really changing me.

5-      I still don’t understand why my friends ask me for love advice. Seriously, don’t you see I am as lost in the subject as you all are?!

6-      I have been going to the gym 4 times a week since the New Year started. Also, I am not buying any junk food when I go to the grocery store so I am eating lots of veggies and fruit during the week and I am not drinking any soda. But then I go out on the weekend and ruin all the work.

7-      My knees hurt after I work out. My nose bleeds sometimes. The soles of my feet burn if I jump for more than 10 seconds. My tooth hurts when I drink stuff that’s either too hot or too cold. You make your own conclusions.

8-      I was having the worst dreams last week! I mean awful, upsetting, super scary dreams! Just to give you an idea, the other night I dreamed I was the hair-covered ghost from that movie The Grudge and I was crawling down the stairs and I scared a poor, innocent woman who was watching T.V. at 2:00 AM in her apartment.

9-      I decided to take a sleep-aid for a few weeks until the nightmares stopped so I could rest at night. And it’s working so well, I am actually late for work almost every day now.

10-  I am seriously considering going to Colombia this summer. I miss everything so much. But then I am considering starting college in the summer too. And I can’t afford both. Oh, what to do?