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No Reason Post

8 Jun

I was teaching my Writing class on Saturday afternoon and I was telling my students how difficult it is to write when you have no purpose for writing. I find myself in that state on this shiny June morning. It’s funny because I really have no due dates for writing or anything and this is like a personal diary so I should be fine with the fact that I have nothing to say. However, I feel like I should post something, so I will call this post the No Reason Post.

Let’s do a little review of the weekend. I had a pretty normal Saturday. I went straight home after work. Sunday was a little better. I watched movies with some friends.  We saw this movie, He’s just not that into you, which was very insightful about men and relationships.  I have to confess it was very depressing at first. One of the characters was a girl who was always ditched by guys after the first date but she always kept her hopes up. I felt sorry for her. And there was the married guy cheating on his wife scenario. My friends and I were talking about it and came to the conclusion that even though men always tell women the same old story, there’s always a naive girl who believes their bullshit.  As in every hollywood movie there was the expected happy ending which real life doesn’t always have. After the movie, we had a few beers. Okay, a lot of  beers and we got nostalgic about the old times and started watching old videos and listening to songs from the 80’s. 😉

Today is Monday which means I have to go back to work. I’m actually a little jealous because none of my friends has to work today. I hope this week goes by quickly. I am really looking forward to those three long weekends that are coming! I am  actually looking forward to the end of the month.

On second thought, I want this year to be over soon.