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The Chronicles of Hunger and Other Unimportant Things

18 Apr
For several weeks, I have been drinking my dinner. That’s right, drinking my dinner. You see, for three weeks now I’ve been taking this dieting supplement twice a day. The purpose of this obviously is to lose weight. Why else would people submit themselves to the torture of drinking their meals? The results have been rather positive.  I have lost about 8 pounds. But best of all, my pants feel loose! Now I have to confess, I have been cheating a little. It is so damn hard to diet on the weekends, especially when you go to a picnic and have food like this:
Now, I have been working out frequently. I have been running using the Galloway method. The pain on my shins has been awful since I started running regularly. But this afternoon when I went out for a jog, it was so hard I had to stop completely. And then the 0.25-mile walk back to my car was sheer torture! I am really bummed out about this because running is something I could really get used to doing for a long time. I have  been lying in bed, elevating my shins since I got back from running. I’ve been trying to figure out why my stupid shins hurt so badly. Maybe I’ve been overexercising. Maybe it has to do with the fact that yesterday I went hiking on a 4.9 mile trail! We didn’t intend to do the whole 4.9 miles. We just wanted to do half the trail, but by the time we felt we were ready to go back, we realized we had forgotten where we had parked the car. Dumb move indeed. So, after we finally found it, we had done the whole trail! And now, I am in so much freaking pain!
Also, I did not drink my dinner tonight. I decided that since I am injured ( I know that is no excuse, but whatever!) I needed to eat real food, but in a smaller portion. I made sauteed crab meat with mushrooms and asparagus,  some brown rice and half a whole wheat pita with hummus.
Who can say no to that? Anyways, I’d better stick to the shakes rigorously for the remainder of this week; I don’t think I will be doing much running for the rest of the week. 😦 However, I refuse to stop working out. I do not want to gain back the few pounds I’ve lost. So I will probably be doing yoga, dancing or any kind of cardio tomorrow! And if I am slacking off, someone please come over and kick my butt!
PS: I got accepted to Greensboro College! YAY! I guess this last piece of information does not fall under the unimportant category but who cares? I’m starting grad school in the summer!