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Happy Hour or Crazy Hour?

12 Jun

So we’re back to the rainy season in Barranquilla. Yesterday it rained all day which absolutely sucked ’cause you know how messy the city gets when it rains. With all that raining I felt like going out and enjoying myself a little. So this friend called me and we went to hang out at Papa Loca/El Torito/Pizza Hot on 85th Street. It was Happy Hour night so we were prepared to do a little drinking. Since I knew I had to work today, I only had a few Mojitos, which are harmless compared to other cocktails they have like Corto Circuito (short circuit) or Chingadas. Of all the variety of food they have, I chose mexican and enjoyed some nice chicken tacos.

Anyways, I was talking with my friend, enjoying my drinks and food and starting to feel a little buzzed when suddenly I look to the table in front of me and I see a guy who looked very familiar. At first, I was like, “No, that can’t be him”, but then I took a closer look and I couldn’t believe my eyes. To those of you who went to University with me and are reading this I will only say his most famous words: OH, PLEASE!

Know who I’m talking about now? Not yet? Okay I will give you some clues. Remember the tale of the snake that resembled a rooster? Remember the endless talks about Jews, Buddhism, Christianity and tantric sex? Remember the oral presentations on American Civilization?  I am sure you now know who I’m talking about. There’s nothing unusual about running into an old professor from college at a bar, right? Just because we’re teachers it doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to drink and have fun.  The thing is, this guy was in a major make-out session with a young girl who looked my age  or even younger. I mean, they looked like horny teenagers who wanted to eat each other raw. Come on, there are tons of special hotels in this city for that. Besides, there were a couple of young kids eating at the restaurant too, it wasn’t that late.  I wanted to go say hi to him and tell him something like “What would Buddha say if he saw you like this right now?”, but my friend wouldn’t let me do it. Anyways, I am only joking ’cause I really believe that people can do whatever they want with their private life. But still, it was fun. 😉

And now that I think about it, I have seen other couples making out like they’re in a porno movie or something in that place before. Maybe they put something on the food that makes you want to kiss like it’s the end of the world. Whatever it is, they didn’t put it on my food. LOL