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Graduation & Fitness!

9 May

Hello there! I have clicked on the New Post button about a million times since the time I wrote here last and I now have about 10 drafts of unfinished prose sitting on my Dashboard. Oh, well. What can I say? Life has been incredibly busy, what with the paperwork to get accepted to college and having awesome little road trips. I have done a lot of impressive and entertaining things lately, including riding a bike for 10 miles, gone on picnics by a lake, watch great movies (I loved The King’s Speech and Black Swan!) and attend my best friend’s graduation ceremony. Oh and also, I have consistently worked out for over a month! I am so dedicated to exercise lately that I even created a spreadsheet, look:

I don’t know if I had already shared the frustration I felt at my attempts to be physically active.  I chose to start running because it’s cheap (I can’t afford gym memberships right now)  and it can be done anywhere. What I didn’t know was that running is a high-impact sport and requires the use of special -read: EXPENSIVE- shoes and that you couldn’t just start doing it without researching about it first.  So after weeks of running/walking, I started experiencing awful pain in my shins, also known as shin splints. It was so bad that even walking hurt. So after consulting Dr. Google, I came to the conclusion that I needed to be professionally fitted for running shoes and that I had something called tight calves. I like to believe that my tight calf muscles are due to wearing high heels too much.  Ha!

Well, I got new running shoes. I paid a large sum for them. So large that I’m ashamed to reveal it. I will just say that they cost more than my 2 most expensive pairs of heels combined (gasp!) so I had high expectations from them.

And they lived to their expectations indeed because after running/walking in them for 2 weeks, I can say I am pain-free! Amazing! And now I can run for a whole 6 minutes without a walking break, which is really impressive because when I started, I could barely jog for 20 seconds without being out of breath!

Anyways, that was all for the fitness part of this post. Now to the Graduation! With pictures! 

This is my best buddy JM! He graduated from Greensboro College yesterday! Here we are after he received his diploma:

I am so proud of him! He’s the first one from our class to get a Master’s! Yay! If you want to see more pictures, go here.

I spent the whole weekend with him and his family and we all had an awesome weekend.  I teared up a bit (more like a lot!) when he got his diploma. Graduations are so exciting to me!  And that’s all for now, folks.  I promise to report on the running thing soon. If nothing else, I will do it to keep records of my progress.

Take care, ya’ll