Birthday Recap

23 Mar
Well, I am 27 now. It didn’t feel any different until I had to tell my age to my doctor yesterday. I almost said 26 and then I realized something: I am getting closer to the big 3-o! Damn.
As I did last year, I am doing a Birthday Picture Recap. Maybe it will become some kind of tradition or something.  Here we go:
Since the weeks previous to my birthday really, really sucked, I decided to make the most out of my birthday, and so I proclaimed the weekend of March 18th until March 20th The Official Weekend Of Me, a weekend dedicated to please no one but me.  So on Friday, I chose not to go to work but to take a group of students on a field trip to the NC Aquarium and that’s exactly what we did just because I said so! 
Who am I kidding? Nothing happens in this school system because I said so! The field trip was already planned and it just happily coincided with my b-day weekend. Anyways, after a whole day of touring high schoolers around amphibians and fish, I got home to get ready for a little Birthday Party. It was nothing fancy really. Just a few friends coming  over for some good wine and food. Here are a few images:
Me and A. I swear I hadn’t had any wine at this point , although I look positively drunk.
My friend made me this awesome Lemon Pound Cake with a Strawberry Glaze! Yum!
Me, blowing out my 27 candles after my friends sang Happy Birthday to me in five different languages! Awesome!
I initially thought that everyone was going to be gone by 10:30 PM or so. But N and I ended up going to bed at 2:30 AM, which wasn’t pleasant since I had to wake up early for a certain workshop. Hey, becoming smarter was also part of my master plan to have an awesome weekend.
So most of  Saturday was spent driving to a nearby town, attending  the seminar, running various errands and checking in at a hotel. Then Saturday night I went to this restaurant with a friend where I had one of the most delicious dinners of my whole life! And the coolest part? The waiters and waitresses sang Happy Birthday to me and gave me free dessert! I always thought that was the cheesiest thing ever, but I ended up really enjoying it.
I slept in on Sunday and after a yummy brunch, I went shopping (Gift Certificates FTW!) with my friend, which he kind of hated but whatever, since it was still The Official Weekend Of Me!  Then we went for a walk and took some pictures. Of me mostly.
After the walk, we went for dinner at an Indian restaurant and with a full tummy, it was time for me to drive back home. And thus The Official Weekend Of Me came to and end. I must say it has been one the best birthdays that I’ve had. So I guess this balances things out, huh, Universe?

3 Responses to “Birthday Recap”

  1. J March 24, 2011 at 11:34 am #

    Why take pictures of the flowers when you’re prettier than them?


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